Campaign Timeline

As the campaign unfolds—and more details are added about the Corvus Cluster—it may become difficult to track what’s happening and when. The campaign timeline should help put everything into perspective, so that the grand sweep of “history” makes sense.

timeline 21st Millennium—Earliest recorded settlement of the Corvus Cluster.

30th Millennium—Ultramarines spearhead the Great Crusade into the Ultima Segmentum and impose Imperial control in the sector.

35th Millennium—The Tau are discovered by the Imperium in a stone age cultural state.

37th Millennium—The Knights of Altair are part of the 27th Founding.

ImperialNavy741.M36—Evacuation of Prysmos (Exdoxos IV); destruction of planet’s ecosystem by radioactive ion cloud.

41st Millennium

720.M41—Estimated date that Prysmos would exit ion cloud.

726.M41—The fall of Brother-Sergeant Valerus.

728.M41—Last reported sighting of the Shard of Damnation.

732.M41Media III secedes from Imperium and joins the Tau Empire.

3 166 733.M41—Ork rok crashes into southern continent of Hegira.

734.M41—Incident on Petronius IV.

1 001 735.M41—CAMPAIGN BEGINS.

3 002 735.M41—Border clash on Veris Island.

3 009 735.M41PDF defeat Tau on Dar Sai.

3 016 735.M41The Fall of Veris Island.

3 017 735.M41728th Cadian Regiment reinforces Hegria defenses

3 023 735.M41Battle of the Manufactorum

3 027 735.M41Battle of the Iron Spires

3 042-043 735.M41—Imperial Guard fails to retake Iron Spires

3 107 735.M41The Fall of Count Feracci

orcs advancing3 242 735.M41Imperial Navy suffers disaster at Hegira

3 244 735.M41Dar Sai: Battle of the White Tower

3 267 735.M41Ambush on Morkai

3 280 735.M41Tau navy rebuffed at Dar Sai

3 285-334 735.M41Tau army marches on Malati (Dar Sai)

3 335 735.M41First Battle of Malati (Dar Sai)

3 413 735.M41Hegira: Battle of the Sea of Dust

3 473 735.M41Imperial Guard Retakes Iron Spires (Hegira)

Morkai big fight3 398 735.M41Inquisition strikes at Mora

6 680 735.M41Tau crush ork fleet in Al’gel System

3 730 735.M41—Ork invasion force stopped on Sea of Dust

3 842 735.M41Imperial forces repulsed at Z’yra Mines

6 687 735.M41Tau invasion of Al’gel II meets fierce resistance

6 893 735.M41Pyramids of Stigmata: An Adeon Drake Adventure

3 935 735.M41Malati falls to Tau attack


3 007 736.M41Imperial Guard defeats Tau at Sandeep Plains

3 010 736.M41Orks take Iron Spires in Fourth Battle

3 055 736.M41Tarak Mines are lost to massive ork attack

3 091 736.M41Tau drive north and seize port of Volantis

3 101 736.M41Tallarn troops deploy in Sculptor System

3 110 736.M41Panic spreads with fall of Barad Mine to orks

3 150 736.M41Panic across Hegira: Is the world lost to orks?

6 201 736.M41Tau break out on Al’gel II

3 240 736.M41Ork invaders repulsed at Susa City

3 291 736.M41Imperial counterattack retakes Barad Mine

3 450 736.M41Skirmish SE of Barad Mine (Patrols report skirmishers south of Barad Mine)

3 480 736.M41Skirmish SW of Barad Mine (Patrols report skirmishers south of Brad Mine)

6 598 736.M41Distress signal received from Dryilian IV outpost

3 639 736.M41Guard retakes Tarak Mines in fast fight

3 670 736.M41Imperial advance stalls in Iron Spires

3 768 736.M41Yaisdra Subsector requests covert operation

3 801 736.M41Space Wolves raid xeno base on Media III

3 887 736.M41Tau repulsed in Battle of Pradeep

3 891 736.M41Skirmish on Al’gel II

6 919 736.M41Tau and ork ships clash at asteroid KV-9


3 003 737.M41Tarak Mines fall to massive greenskin attack

3 078 737.M41Orks repulsed at Barad Mine

6 165 737.M41Warp storm known as Heart of Darkness expands

6 183 737.M41Victims of Slaver attack rescued by Rogue Trader

6 283 737.M41Heresy on Hedera

6 321 737.M41Greenclaw launches assault on Tau on Al’gel II

3 359 737.M41Hegira PDF slaughtered at Barad Mine

6 383 737.M41Sacrilege of Cestius

6 492 737.M41Voloh Gudag Returns

5 572 737.M41Scourge of Governor Krendax

6 647 737.M41Battle of Flies

3 600 737.M41Orks stopped again at Barad Mine

6 681 737.M41Inquisition visits Dryilian outpost

6 687 837.M41Escape from Dryilian outpost

3 683-713 737.M41Fierce skirmish action outside Pradeep

3 731 737.M41Blood Angels clear Tau from “no man’s land”

3 751 737.M41Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep

3 820 737.M41Tau fail to break Dar Sai blockade

— 738.M41 —

3 009 738.M41Knights of Altair raid Veris Island

3 021 738.M41Mutants defeated on Morkai

6 042 738.M41Tau firing line slaughters orks on An’gel II

3 173 738.M41Tau raid moon of Druidia (Battle of Sculptor IIIa)

3 178 738.M41Imperial army defeated in Hegira’s Sea of Dust

Warhammer 40K blog

The captive Runepriest that the Inquisition wants returned safely.

3 244 738.M41Tau seize Decora Mining Base in Sculptor System

6 281 738.M41Underhive fight: A Jason Scarn Adventure

3 298 738.M41Warp phenomenon reported at Barad Mine

3 300 738.M41Stompa nearly breaks Barad Mine defenses

3 339 738.M41Rogue Trader Florton brings news of Burning Frontier

6 450 738.M41Necron ship sighted in Dryillian quarantine zone

3 451 738.M41Knights of Altair driven from Barad Mine

3 454 738.M41Commander Tō’kra: The Dark Tau arrives on Dar Sai

5 574 738.M41Mysterious xeno fleet attacks Imperial flotilla

3 454-660 738.M41Tau launch offensive at Port Aruna

3 665 738.M41Tau invaders repulsed by Aruna trench lines

3 738 738.M41728th Regt. drives Tau from Omao Plantation

3 852 738.M41Vorpal Swords establish base in Burning Frontier

3 861 738.M41Imperial Navy bombards ork positions on Hegira

3 863 738.M41Recon patrol clashes with Tau north of Aruna

3 870 738.M41Imperial pilot shoots down Fast Eddy Rikken Orker

3 883-885 738.M41Battle of Three Hills ends in Guard-Tau draw

3 899 738.M31Space Wolves defeat Death Guard on Dozaria

6 921 738.M41Tallarn recover key technology from Death Guard

6 933 738.M41Knights of Altair seize refinery on Dozaria

3 963 738.M41Orks ambush naval patrol in Sculptor asteroids

3 999 738.M41Inquisition captures ork warlord on Hegira

— 739.M41 —

3 004 739.M41Ork probe repulsed in Hegira’s Sea of Dust

3 007 739.M41Ork war band attacks Space Marine camp in Hegira ruins

3 010 739.M41Ork forces edge closer to Hegira’s capital city

3 041 739.M41Space Marine scouts bested again outside Susa City

4 046 739.M41Space Wolves clash with Tau on Media III

3 058 739.M41Ork invaders pushed back from Susa City

3 061 739.M41Imperial drive on Hawi Plantation fails

3 068 739.M41Tau counterattack seizes Omao Plantation

6 078 739.M41Skaros Guard Regiment win victory on Dozaria

3 092 739.M41Squad Taridon regains its honor against ork invaders

3 110 739.M41Mutants seize promethium plant on Morkai

3 117 739.M41Mutant horde repulsed on Morkai

3 165 738.M41Space Marines battle heretics on Dozaria

6 379 739. M41Agri-world population slaughtered by Eldar

3 522 739.M41Ultramarines smash traitor uprising on Luxicon

3 528 739,M41Knights of Altair stop Tau at Sandhurst Oasis

3 624 739.M41Imperial warships clash with Kill Kroozer

3 636 739.M41Iconia PDF fight to contain ork threat

3 671 739.M41Orks press Imperial lines near Topac Manufactorum

6 744 739.M41Death Guard launches offensive on Dozaria

3 764 739.M41Two Imperial warships lost to ork attack

3 817 739.M41Deathwatch capture Tau leader on Dar Sai

3 850 739.M41Inquisition investigates Haruspex cult

6 853 739.M41Knights of Altair stop ‘Ritual of Pestilence’

6 853 739.M41Bounty hunters seek unsanctioned psykers

6 853 739.M41Infection at Outpost Zero-Omega

6 893 739.M41Carcharodons’ 5th Company saves Gamelan V

6 957 739.M41Tech Priest Abnightus battles Necrons for xeno secrets

6 976 739.M41Deathwatch captures Tau Ethereal on Dar Sai

3 991 739.M41Orks test Imperial defenses on Hegira’s Sea of Dust

— 740.M41 —

3 045 740.M41Imperial patrols slammed by ork warships

3 074 740.M41Knights of Altair clash outside Susa City

3 097 740.M41Ork attack on Hegira’s capital city repelled

3 116 740.M41‘Battle of the Bastion’ outside Hegria’s capital city

3 156 740.M41New Tau attack stopped on Dar Sai

6 162 740.M41Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria

6 183 740.M41Blood Wolves raid Volana manufactorum

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