Category: Battle Report (Tabletop)

Mutants drive Imperial troops from Nisa Ruins – Part 2

A Warlord Escapes As the PDF advanced through the ruins, the fighting became more intense—and intimate. The Kastelan Robots used their incendine combustors to good effect, driving the mutant defenders back, but elsewhere, the mutants rushed forward in suicidal charges, forcing Imperial troops to engage in hand-to-hand combat. […]

High Mayor of Aruna escapes Tau – Part 1

The Setting: A satellite communications relay station, outside the port city of Aruna, on the moon of Dar Sai. A small hedged yard features two eight-meter-tall communication arrays and a a rundown, concrete-block office building that sits alongside a rural dirt road. Across the narrow, rut-marred road is […]

Tau break Imperial line north of Aruna – Part 1

“A major Tau attack against Imperial troops north of Aruna has successfully broken through the lines and is advancing south toward the port city. A state of emergency has been declared by Praetor Justinian Hypatia, who is ordering all available military assets to the city’s defense.“—Imperial News Voxcast, […]