Battle Report (Narrative)

Ork attack on Hegira’s capital repelled

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Hordes of ork boyz race across “no man’s land” to attack Redoubt 109, a key position in the defenses of Susa City.

Imperial Voxcast, 3 097 740.M41—A major ork attack on the fortified defenses of Susa City was repelled yesterday, with Imperial authorities announcing that ork casualties were heavy.

The attack was centered on Redoubt 109, located just north of the Caratice Housing Development and just outside the city’s defenses. Defending the redoubt were elements of the 728th Cadian Regiment, the 2nd Tallarn Regiment, the 17th Armored Company, and 45th Platoon of the 15th Hegira Planetary Defense Force (PDF).

As many as 15,000 orks launched their attack before dawn, racing across “no man’s land” with Trukks, Battle Wagons, Deff Dreads, and other xeno monstrosities.

Warhammer 40K blog

An ork Deff Dread explodes after being hit by Imperial tank fire.

“This was one of the largest attacks in the past year,” noted Major Vernetta Cunnane, an intelligence officer with the 728th Regiment. “Fortunately, our deployment of troops was more than enough to handle this threat.”

The 17th Armored Company scored an early success when it brought a column of ork walkers [Classification: Deff Dreads] under fire and destroyed several even before they’d cross no man’s land.

A veteran platoon of the 728th Regiment then advanced to block a major channel of advance with their Chimeras, forcing the orks to slow and deal with the armored transports.

In a fierce fight, several Chimeras were destroyed, but heavy fire by the veteran platoon, supported by tank fire and a squadron of armored Sentinels, eventually blunted the xeno attack. The timely arrival of a Tallarn platoon, armed with flamers and meltaguns, finally drove back the greenskins.

Ork aircraft attempted to support the xeno attack, but they were intercepted by Imperial Navy “Lightning” fighters and Valkyries of the 728th Regiment. Once the ork air threat was defeated, Imperial planes began to target ork artillery and reserve troops behind the attack, keeping them at bay.

Warhammer 40K blog

Imperial infantry blocks a key line of attack with Chimeras and deploys to face the coming xeno onslaught. Their determined defense ultimately won the day.

A major crisis occurred on the right flank of the Imperial line, when a Battlewagon raced forward and drove back several infantry platoons. Breaking through Imperial lines, the ork vehicle stopped directly in front of Redoubt 109 and disembarked an ork warlord and scores of orks.

At the same time, on the far left flank, a small force of ork troops, supported by Deffkoptas, broke through Imperial lines to attack Sentinels and a Lemon Russ tank.

Warhammer 40K blog

Confronted with a major attack on their right flank, men of the 728th Cadian Regiment face the xeno onslaught with volleys of fire.

“This was the key moment of the battle,” Cunnane said. “If the orks could take the redoubt, or roll up the far flank, the battle might have gone differently.”

Thankfully, the Imperials held. Although the Deffkoptas managed to do some damage, the ork infantry was driven off. Then the 17th Armored Company, supported by Tallarn flamers, directed all their firepower at the ork warlord and his troops—a concentration of fire that doomed the greenskins.

Military authorities say the entire ork force was destroyed.

“This was more proof to the people of Hegira that our defenses are stout, and they will hold against the xeno threat,” Cunnane said. “Victory will come if we keep our faith with the Emperor.”

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