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Incident on Petronius IV (Part 3)

“We found him soon enough. The tunnel opened into a huge chamber—at least 200 meters in diameter and 50 meters tall. The Tech Priest was knee deep in some kind of xeno goop, pulling out what looked like larvae and stuffing them in a specimen bag.” “’Why in […]


Incident on Petronius IV (Part 2)

“The rest of the night passed uneventfully. In the morning, the storm was gone—and the sun was blazing. We picked up the advance and reached the main facility after an hour. Again, we saw signs of lasgun fire everywhere—and signs that heavier ordinance had been used. A security […]


Incident on Petronius IV (Part I)

Editor’s Note: The incident on Petronius IV was fought as a tabletop battle at the Historicon 2011 wargame convention in Valley Forge, Pa. Four players fought this narrative-style, half-wargame / half-roleplaying fight—and this is their story. Events recorded here should be considered background material of a military action that […]