Plague sorcerer returns to Corvus Cluster

Kassig-plague-progressTheGM: I’ve been wanting to explore ways I share our expanding campaign without long narratives. Our cousin campaign, Assault on Yaisdra IX, uses some cool graphic designs in its blog entries, and I spotted something similar to the above in the old GW book, Battle Missions.

I think it’s a nice bite-sized look at ominous events in the Corvus Cluster. Stay tuned, I think Nurgle is interested in our campaign.

Portrait of Voloh Gudag is titled “Warlock” and painted by Nuttavut Baiphowangse. (Copyrighted, art used under creative commons attribution-noncommerical-no derivative works license,

The Corvus Cluster is a Warhammer 40K blog that documents our wargaming adventures in the fantastical sci-fi universe of Games Workshop.


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