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Commander Tō’kra: The Dark Tau

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Commander Tō’kra

A new warrior has joined the Tau invasion force on Dar Sai: Commander Tō’kra.

The first significant xeno reinforcement since an Imperial blockade of Dar Sai took effect in 735.M41, Tō’kra arrived by way of a high-speed courier ship that recently outraced Imperial warships and made a rapid orbital pass over the war-torn moon.

Jettisoned out of the ship at an altitude of nearly 180 kilometers above Dar Sai, Tō’kra reportedly entered the atmosphere at high speed, creating a fireball during his descent that was visible on the moon’s surface from thousands of kilometers away.

The arrival of Tō’kra, on 3 454 738.M41, was greeted with great excitement by the beleaguered Tau army. Isolated on Dar Sai for three years, many Fire Warriors rejoiced that their plight had not been forgotten by the Ethereal leadership of their species.

The army’s leader, Commander Swiftstrike, also was pleased. The arrival of a prototype Riptide, equipped with Ion Accelerator and twin-linked Smart Missiles, would greatly bolster his invasion force, which was greatly challenged by the lack of new equipment and the vast Imperial territory it had conquered.

Despite the rejoicing, dark rumors also began spreading. There is a darkness surrounding Tō’kra. As with many Fire Warriors that reach high rank,  Tō’kra has spent much of his military career in some of the Tau’s fiercest military campaigns.

It is said that on the world of Arkunasha, during an engagement with ork invaders, the young Fire Warrior was traumatized after his Crisis Suit was damaged, and he was captured by the greenskins.

Rumors suggest that, rather than kill Tō’kra, the orks nailed him to a post and tortured him for weeks. A Tau attack on the ork position ultimately led to Tō’kra’s rescue, but not before a cruel Grot poured prometheum over the Tau warrior and set him ablaze.

Warhammer 40K blog

Tō’kra recently has been seen patrolling the woods to the north of the port city of Aruna on Dar Sai.

Yet, although his flesh was blackened and ruined by fire, Tō’kra survived his ordeal. A full year of medical threatment restored most of his physical capabilities, but he was left disfigured—and the Fire Warrior grew increasingly despondent and prone to sudden bouts of fury.

Under normal circumstances, such signs of mental instability would lead to reassignment far from the front lines. But, with every soldier needed to stem the ork menace, Tō’kra was returned to service on the front lines. There, his hatred of the orks inspired the Fire Warrior to amazing feats of arms. Often, he would charge into battle, break through enemy lines, and wreck havoc on the orks’ rear positions.

As a reward for his ferocity and battlefield success, Tō’kra was awarded command of an experimental prototype battle suit [Classification: Riptide] a year ago.

Yet, despite his meritorious service, there are concerns. For the past year, few have seen the Fire Warrior outside his battle suit. When he is not suited up, he remains in his private quarters.

His behavior in battle also has stirred concern. Although effective warriors, most Fire Warriors refrain from unnecessary violence, yet Tō’kra has earned rebuke several times for instances when, in a fit of fury, he has killed enemy troops that were in the process of surrendering and, most disturbingly, he has killed unarmed civilians.

Such behavior is not in keeping with the optimistic values of the Greater Good. For this reason, Tō’kra has earned the nickname: “The Dark Tau.”

It is said that Tō’kra wished to repaint his Riptide black, to match his mood, but was overruled by his commanders. In a small concession, he was permitted to repaint the sept sigil on his Riptide’s chest.

Some say that Tō’kra is going mad. Yet, as a ferocious warrior, it seems high command has decided that it is better to let him die in battle than shame him with life in a facility for the insane. Of course, all of this is speculation. The truth of Tō’kra is yet to be written.

TheGM: I’ve been making a push on building up my Tau forces. The Riptide is a major expansion of my army, but as he’s such a powerful unit, I figured it deserved a proper “history.” Thus, the “Dark Tau” commander.

I don’t know much about Tō’kra’s “darkness.” I intend to defy my normal timidness in battle and treat Tō’kra as a fanatical unit that always charges toward the enemy. That may not be smart tactical play, but I want to see where this bit of fluff takes us.

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