Myopolis Campaign

Necrons seize key city on Myopolis – Part 1

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Guardsmen of the 23rd Coruscantan Regiment take up position in the ruins of Yrora.

Most battle reports are narrative descriptions, as the goal of the Corvus Cluster is to tell a story of our adventures in the sci-fi universe of 40K. But, on occasion, there is a battle where I’m interested less in the story—and more on how poorly I played and what I can learn from my pathetic performance. This is one of those battle reports.TheGM

The Setting

The date is 6 233 743.M41. The place is the city of Yrora on the Mechanicus-controlled world of Myopolis.

For years, the Mechanicus has been fighting the Necrons on this planet. Yet, until recently, the Tech Priests have never asked the Imperium for assistance in their war. For reasons yet unexplained, the Mechanicus sought to keep Imperial forces away from the planet.

But no more. The war is going badly, and the fate of Myopolis hangs in the balance. The Mechanicus finally has called for aid and, despite outrage at the petty secrecy of the Omnissiah’s followers, the Imperium has answered: The 23rd Coruscantan Regiment has deployed in Yrora, directly in the path of the advancing Necrons.

Warhammer 40K blog

The Necron attack on Myopolis raises questions about the effectiveness of the borders of the Dryllian Quarantine Zone, which was established to contain the xeno threat.


This was a solo game. As I still play 7th Edition, I decided to follow the advice of an old YouTube video by the Mordian Glory channel that recommended organizing Imperial Guard platoons into massive blobs. The video’s advice: Skimp on armor and go with all-infantry, and as many grenade launchers and heavy weapons teams as you can manage.

With 2,000 points to spend, I was able to create three huge platoons of 50 men, supported by a Hell Hound, Lemon Russ tank, and several armored Sentinels.

Each platoon was assigned a large ruin to defend, while the company command squad took position atop the roof of a Bastion in the center of the city.

The Necrons were a mix of warriors, Lychguard, Destroyers, Tomb Blades, and a newly painted unit of Flayed Ones. This force was supported by an Annihilation Barge, Doom Scythe, Doomsday Ark, Ghost Ark,  and Triach Stalker. Oh, and I added a big nasty Monolith.

Click here to read Part 2 of this battle report.

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