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Gaming at Shorehammer 2022

The narrative for the Corvus Cluster came to complete stop in November—there was just too much to do to get our dedicated terrain table ready for the Shorehammer 2022 convention. We finished the table in time—and successfully hosted eight events—over the weekend of Dec. 2-4 . It was […]

Inquisition investigates Haruspex cult

“Our mission is simple: Learn what we can about the Haruspex. Is he a living individual or a propaganda tool? If he’s alive, where is he? Can we kill him? Can we crush this dangerous anti-Imperial cult before outright war breaks out on Morkai?”—Inquisitor Gideon Locke, Ordo Hereticus […]

Skirmish gaming at Shorehammer 2019

The fate of the Corvus Cluster was decided—at least, in part—by attendees at the Shorehammer Convention, Nov. 21-24, in Ocean City, Md. That’s because the Corvus Cluster actually was there—sponsoring eight skirmish games set in our little corner of the galaxy. In an earlier post (click here), I […]