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Rumors of the Underhive (3 101 743.M41)

Spaceport population disappears on Ketera More than 10,000 Imperial citizens have disappeared from an isolated spaceport on the world of Ketera. “After all communications was lost with the Cethea Spaceport in the Karakum Desert, a team of Adeptus Arbites was sent to investigate—and found the spaceport and its […]

Rumors of the Underhive (6 430 741.M41)

Genestealer-infested vessel destroyed An Imperial Navy destroyer was forced to destroy a merchant vessel after responding to a distress signal and discovering the civilian ship infested with a deadly xeno species known as Genestealers. The merchant vessel, The Hesperus, dropped out of the Warp at the edge of […]

Rumors of the Underhive (3 183 741.M41)

Chaos Resurgent: The Corvus Cluster is under onslaught by the forces of Chaos. Traitor Astartes, supported by cultists and renegades who follow heretical gods, have launched a series of attacks on planets that previously had never known the taint of the enemies of the god-Emperor. Already beset by […]

Rumors of the Underhive (3 060 741.M41)

Raid launched on Warp taint on Hegira One thousand men—an entire Imperial Guard battalion—was transported by Valkyries to the outskirts of the ork-occupied Barad Mine to seize a valley that reportedly is the site of mysterious lightning storms and a strange glow that Imperial psykers warn is a […]

Rumors of the Underhive (3 850 740.M41)

Columns of light seen on Kharak Strange columns of light have been appearing on the dwarf planet of Kharak, but an investigation by Mechanicus authorities have yet to determine their origin or purpose. The columns, which appear suddenly on the horizon and tower hundreds of meters into the […]

Rumors of the Underhive – 3 680 740.M41

Imperial Navy bombards Murella capital For reasons still unexplained by Imperial authorities, a flotilla of Imperial warships appeared in orbit over the industrial world of Murella and conducted a massive lance strike on the planet’s capital city. There were no reports of xeno attacks, rebellion, or civil unrest, […]

Rumors of the Underhive – 3 303 749.M41

Rogue Trader discovers ancient derelict A faulty Geller Field generator proved to be a stroke of luck for the flamboyant Rogue Trader Adeon Drake. Normally, a ship that loses its Geller Field is lost to the Warp, the crew’s souls consumed by the horrific denizens of the Immaterium. […]

Rumors of the Underhive (3 981 739.M41)

New sensor installations bolster Dar Sai orbital defenses A string of new sensor installations have been built in the northern latitudes of Dar Sai to improve the targeting of the moon’s polar laser defenses. An Imperial Navy fleet has been orbiting Dar Sai for more than a year […]

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Rumors of the Underhive (3 807 739.M41)

Explorator Fleet passes through Corvus Cluster A sizable fleet of Adeptus Mechanics ships, known as Explorator Fleet KX-472.X, recently passed through the Corvus Cluster on its way to the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy. At the heart of the fleet was a battleship-sized vessel, The Eye of Mars, […]