Rumors of the Underhive (3 151 739.M41)

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It is the “wet season” on the southern hemisphere of Myopolis, which is hampering the maneuverability of Imperial troops—but not that of the invading Necrons.

Skitarri stalemate Necron invasion on Myopolis

Warhammer 40K blogThe war on Myopolis between the Necrons and Adeptus Mechanicus has entered its sixth month with no sign of victory by either side.

Imperial authorities have attempted to clamp down on news from Myopolis, but rumors suggest the robotic invaders—now commonly known as Necrons—have seized large swathes of the planet’s surface.

It also is said that Imperial reinforcements are being hurried to the planet to deal with the threat.

Many citizens assume the robotic army plaguing Myopolis arrived as an invading force from outside the stellar system. Yet, others suggest the xenos were always on the world, dormant under the planet’s surface but recently awakened.

That theory is supported by Imperial sensor readings of the planet’s crust, which has identified extensive underground tunnels, structures, and energy sources previously undiscovered.

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A merchant vehicle is destroyed by mutant terrorists on the caravan route between the hive cities of Charcharoth and Totallia.

A new pogrom against mutants on Morkai?

A series of terrorist attacks against caravans, Arbites security stations, and industrial sites have been linked to radical mutant cults that are claiming loyalty to the Haruspex of Ungolath.

Although mutant military forces from Ungolath have been increasingly active in recent months (Mutant horde repulsed on Morkai), Imperial authorities are more concerned about a growing restlessness in the mutant slums surrounding the planet’s major cities.

For centuries, crime and rioting have been frequent occurrences in these squalid areas, but authorities were unconcerned as long as mutants fought among themselves. But, as propaganda from mutant-held Ungolath spreads through the slums, radicalized cults have formed and started to turn mutant violence against genetically healthy citizens.

The result has been a spate of assassinations, bombings, sabotage, and armed assaults on symbols of Imperial authority. The most devastating terrorist attack occurred two years ago, when “The Twisted Helix” cult detonated a virus bomb in the hive city of Golgenna, killing 20,000 citizens and destroying the 112th level of the hive city.

More recently, in the slums surrounding the hive city, several Arbites stations have been abandoned due to repeated attacks that make maintaining a presence in the slums impractical.

Rumors are spreading that Imperial authorities are considering a pogrom against the mutants, much like the culling of Ungolath a millennium ago, when the rulers of that hive city attempted to slaughter the entire mutant population. The resulting violence led to 8 million deaths.

Given that tens of millions of mutants are believed to reside on Morkai, some predict a worldwide war is in the offing.

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Unauthorized drawings such as this prompted the execution of one guardsman.

Commissariat warns against unauthorized diaries, artwork

The above artwork is being distributed by the Commissariat as a warning to Imperial Guard personnel and planetary citizens that unauthorized possession of written or visual data on xenos is illegal—and punishable by imprisonment or execution.

The image of a Tau Fire Warrior and Kroot auxiliary trooper was one of many drawn by Private Jorje Manus of the 4th Battalion, 728th Cadian Regiment, currently stationed on the Tau-invaded world of Dar Sai.

The drawings were discovered during a routine inspection of guardsmen’s gear by a regimental commissar who ordered Manus’ arrest—and subsequent execution.

“This is a warning to everyone that anything related to xenos has the stench of heresy,” Imperial authorities said when reporting on the guardsmen’s sentence. “Kill the xenos, then forget their existence. And certainly do not possess any object, image, or memory  that would allow the xenos’ existence to linger past their death.”

(Note: The use of the above artwork has been authorized by the Commissariat for a short time as a training tool for Imperial military personnel. It will soon be removed. Any distribution of this artwork is punishable by death.)

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A guardsman of the 18th Skaros Regiment leads the charge against traitors on Dozaria.

Skaros Guard Regiment win victory on Dozaria 

The 18th Skaros Regiment—known as the “Skaros Scorpions”—have defeated a Death Guard force on the war-torn world of Dozaria.

Warhammer 40K blog

The regiment flag of the 18th Skaros Regiment features their signature icon of the scorpion, a mythical creature of ancient Terra.

More than 20,000 Scorpions launched their attack on the Warp-tainted invaders, who were defending a manufactorum complex on the planet’s southern hemisphere.

The battle, on 6 078 739.M41, was preceded by a five-hour artillery bombardment, after which the regiment advanced behind a screen of armor and shattered the traitor Astartes force.

Enemy propaganda reports have claimed that the Scorpions faced only two dozen Death Guard marines, along with 3,000 ill-trained cultists, and that the Imperial Guard’s hard-fought victory reveals the awesome military effectiveness of even a score of Death Guard soldiers.

Imperial authorities dismiss such claims as traitor lies.

“The Scorpions attacked nearly 30,000 cultist, along with 2,000 traitor Astartes, and defeated them in a courageous charge,” an Imperial Guard bulletin announced after the attack. “Although outnumbered, our brave guardsmen swept the battlefield, proving once again that the traitors cannot stand up against soldiers armed with faith in the Emperor.”

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