Upcoming Events

It is the goal of The Corvus Cluster to “share the fun,” and one way to do so is to run narrative games at conventions. Alas, many sci-fi-based conventions are tournament based, so it’s been a challenge to find opportunities to reach out to others in the hobby. But we’re working on it, and we’re happy that we have events planned at two upcoming conventions.

Historicon 2019

Lancaster, Pa.
July 10-14
Link to convention website.

Historicon is a convention sponsored by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS). What’s wonderful about it is that, although there are some tournaments (even the occasional 40K one), most events are single, attendee-hosted games–hundreds of them. You can sign up in advance. But there’s no extra fees, and many games can accept those who walk up to the table to see if there’s an opening.

In addition to running several American Civil War-themed games, TheGM is running two Shadow War: Armageddon events:

Mystery of the Necrons

Thursday, July 11, 10 a.m.

On a war-torn world, the Adeptus Mechanicus seek to salvage a wrecked Necron vehicle that didn’t “phase out.” The Necrons do not want their advanced technology studied by a lesser species. A quick skirmish fight amidst the ruins of a dying planet. Easy-to-learn rules, and we’ll be done in time for the Dealer Hall.

This is an abbreviated playtest of the event that will be running at Shorehammer (below).

Infection at Outpost 51

Saturday, July 13, 7 p.m.

On an isolated planet, an expedition of Tech Priests encounters a hostile, xeno life form. Staff begin to disappear—or, worse, found to actively assist the xenos. Inquisitor Serillian arrives to investigate.. Can you purge the xeno threat—or will you succumb to it? Just beware: You don’t know whom you can trust.This is a sci-fi horror-mystery adventure—part 3D board game and part skirmish fight—set in the 40K universe. Rules will be taught. Players need bring nothing but their imaginations.

This is the most ambitious game to be run at Shorehammer, and TheGM needs a real-world playtest. This will not feature the dedicated terrain and full range of features of the polished game, but it should be fun nonetheless, as TheGM attempts to test his plans to add “horror” and “paranoia” to the game table.

Shorehammer 2019

A small but charming convention in Ocean City, Shorehammer is very tournament-based. But the convention director is very open to new opportunities for attendees, and after explaining how historical gamers run conventions, he was open to the idea of offering a series of individual narrative games for when attendees aren’t playing in a tournament.

Ocean City, Md.
Nov. 21-24
Link to convention website.

There will be a variety of articles listed here as TheGM works on the terrain and game design for the eight events scheduled at Shorehammer 2019. But here’s the first announcing the events:

Corvus Cluster will appear at Shorehammer 2019