Upcoming Events

It is the goal of The Corvus Cluster to “share the fun,” and one way to do so is to run narrative games at conventions. Alas, many sci-fi-based conventions are tournament based, so it’s been a challenge to find opportunities to reach out to others in the hobby. But we’re working on it, and we’re happy that we have events planned at two upcoming conventions.

Shorehammer 2019

A small but charming convention in Ocean City, Shorehammer is very tournament-based. But the convention director is very open to new opportunities for attendees, and after explaining how historical gamers run conventions, he was open to the idea of offering a series of individual narrative games for when attendees aren’t playing in a tournament.

Ocean City, Md.
Nov. 21-24
Link to convention website.

There will be a variety of articles listed here as TheGM works on the terrain and game design for the eight events scheduled at Shorehammer 2019. But here’s the first announcing the events:

Corvus Cluster will appear at Shorehammer 2019