Upcoming Events

This page lists the various events that we will host for the public. Also on this page, we will highlight articles and blogs that provide more background on our events, and we will document our preparation for these events (building terrain, etc.).

Battle for Dar Sai

The Tau invasion of Dar Said has stalled since the Imperial Navy set up a blockade over the embattled planet. A Tau fleet appears out of the Warp in a direct challenge to the Imperium. Join us for a tactically tough fight amidst mine fields and asteroids as we play one of Games Workshop’s most successful, easy-to-learn, and fun rule sets.

This scenario, which will be fought using Battlefleet Gothic rules, will take place at the FALL IN! convention in Lancaster, PA, on Friday at 10 a.m.

As players may well be newbies, this battle will not alone decide the fate of the Imperial blockade over Dar Sai. Instead, it will be considered a preliminary skirmish fight to a grand (60+) naval action to be fought at a future date.

But the results will  affect the subsequent battle. A major victory could cause casualties that deprive one side of a significant number of ships, so it could have a significant impact on the Tau invasion of the Sculptor System–and the future of the Corvus Cluster.

More background material for this fight will be posted as blogs and linked below:

• (None quite yet.)

FALL IN! is sponsored by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society (HMGS) and will be held Nov. 3-5 at the Lancaster Host. Click here for the convention website.

Interested parties should pre-register for the event when the conventions pre-registration opens sometime after Aug. 14.