Rumors of the Underhive (3 807 739.M41)

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A Tech Priests walks through the cavernous corridors of a vessel in the Explorator Fleet.

Explorator Fleet passes through Corvus Cluster

A sizable fleet of Adeptus Mechanics ships, known as Explorator Fleet KX-472.X, recently passed through the Corvus Cluster on its way to the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy.

Warhammer 40K blogAt the heart of the fleet was a battleship-sized vessel, The Eye of Mars, which reputedly is one of the most technologically advanced vessels in the galaxy—a product of the Dark Age of Technology that precedes the appearance of the Emperor.

Accompanying this amazing ship were seven cruiser-class vessels, numerous escorts, and a caravan of orbital sensoriums that will be deployed across the Eastern Fringe as the fleet discovers long-lost Imperial worlds, new planets worthy of development, and unusual stellar phenomena.

Although rarely seen, hundreds of Explorator Fleets cross the galaxy in a never-ending search for forgotten knowledge and ancient technology. Scholars note, however, that those that enter the Eastern Fringe are often never seen again.

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A drone pict of a Death Guard tank, a model nicknamed by guardsmen as “a Plagueburst Crawler,” is surrounded by daemons as it advances on the 18th Skaros Regiment.

Death Guard launches offensive on Dozaria

A formation of heretical Astartes, supported by traitor militia, have seized a key manufactorum complex on Dozaria that was captured earlier this year by an Imperial Guard regiment.

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The regimental flag of the 18th Skaros Regiment features their signature icon of the scorpion, a mythical creature of ancient Terra.

The 18th Skaros Regiment—known as the “Skaros Scorpions”—had defeated a Death Guard force to capture the manufactorum in a bitterly contested engagement that saw thousands of traitor scum killed.

On 6 744 739.M41, this new offensive, by traitor forces was spearheaded by heretical tanks firing biological weapons that exploded into lethal clouds of corrosive spores, Imperial authorities report.

Rumors suggested the flesh of hundreds of guardsmen literally melted when exposed to the enemy’s weapons fire, with the result that survivors of the attack fled rather than meet a similar fate. But the commissar of the regiment vehemently denied the claims.

“The Skaros Scorpions fought with courage and total dedication to the Emperor,” stated Commissar-Captain Adriano Perrus. “Facing traitor Astartes, it is not surprising that the regiment was forced back—but each meter of ground was defended with the utmost effort, and it is both insulting and treasonous to suggest the Scorpions ‘fled’ the battlefield.”

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A force of Ultramarines launch an attack against rebels on the world of Luxicon.

Ultramarines smash traitor uprising on Luxicon

The 4th Company of the Ultramarines have put down a rebellion on the industrial world of Lexicon in a brief, two-week military campaign.

The rebellion began as a a simple labor dispute by indentured workers against corrupt manufactorum officials who were pocketing a part of the workers’ wages.

But, as it was later determined, the striking workers were radicalized by traitor Astartes of the infamous Alpha Legion, and the peaceful strike evolved into civil unrest—and ultimately full-fledge rebellion.

The violence threatened to disrupt Lexicon’s military tithe to the Imperial, and the Ultramarines responded quickly at the request of Imperial authorities.

In a series of hit-and-run raids beginning 3 522 739.M41, a small force of Ultramarines hunted down misguided rebel leaders, as well as the traitor Astartes who were influencing the rebellion behind the scenes. Order was soon restored.

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Agri-world population slaughtered by Eldar

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An Elder hover bike zips through the forests of Skiasos. The xenos slaughtered the entire planet’s Imperial populace.

The population of the agri-world known as Skiasos has been slaughtered by an Elder raid.

When an Elder emissary from the Saim-Hann Craftword landed at Skiasos’ capital, the planetary governor refused to meet with the xenos—and instead ordered the so-called ambassador executed on the spot.

Alas, the governor failed to fully appreciate the possible consequences of his short-sighted decision. Two weeks later, six eldritch warships appeared in orbit over the lightly defended planet, and military forces from the Saim-Hann and Alaitoc Craftworlds descended to wreck havoc upon the Imperial populace.

A distress signal sent out by the planet’s astropathic choir was received by a nearby Imperial Navy flotilla. But when it arrived two weeks later, it found no signs of life on the planet. The Eldar attack appears to have occurred on 6 379 739. M41.

Imperial authorities say they have no idea why the Elder wanted to meet with the planetary governor but that the governor, whose body was never found, followed Imperial policy in rejecting any interaction with “xeno scum.”

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