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Half a million words tell the story of the Corvus Cluster

Half a million words. That’s equivalent to nearly 10 of the old-style “Doc Savage” paperbacks of my youth. It’s  a lot of words. Yet that’s how many we’ve written about our incredible adventures in the Corvus Cluster. As this is quite a milestone for our little band of […]

Imperium planning attack on Tau Empire

+ + + INQUISITORIAL MISSIVE + + + Author: Her Ladyship Georgene Serillian, Ordo Xenos Strategic Update: Response to Tau Threat Threat Level: Sigmus Prime Thought of the Day: Death to the Xeno Inquisitorial Warning: Access to this information is limited to Imperial officials with a Beta Primus […]

What now for Morkai?

TheGM: My five-battle solo campaign for control of the Thar Desert Basin, on the desert world of Morkai, has concluded. The mutants now control four of the five regions of the basin. So, what does that mean for the planet’s fate? And what did I learn from playing […]