Much has been written about the worlds and space phenomena within the Corvus Cluster. Yet,for many years, there has not been a comprehensive list of such objects available to the general citizenry.

This humble compilation, based on information gathered from the Administratum, Imperial Navy, and other Imperial records, is far from complete. Yet, it attempts, to the degree possible, to document the most notable astronomical locales within the Corvus Cluster.

Advocor—The Slannesh daemon known as Adriana is first summoned to the Materium by cultists. She is soon banished back to the Warp after orks invade and wipe out the population. [Citation]

Adydos III—A feudal world that overthrew the Imperial government and declared independence. [Citation]

Adydos System—The entire system was fallen to rebels from Adydos III and broken from the Imperium. [Citation]

Alexandria—A world that rebelled against the Imperium two-and-a-half centuries ago, but that has been restored to Imperial control. [Citation]

Al’gel I—A desert planet of the Al’gel System, recently scoured of its ork infestation by the Tau. [Citation]

Al’gel II —An ork-infested world in the Al’gel System, along the southern border of the Corvus Cluster. Currently invaded by the Tau. [Citation]

Anvillus—A small forge world on the edge of the Corvus Cluster that reported an ork attack. Little information about the fighting has been reported in recent years. [Citation]

Aratrat—The Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter and Dark Eldar battle on this agri-world. The Astartes win. [Citation]

Arthys IV—An industrial world in the Varenshall Subsector, a region also known as the “Burning Frontier.” At last report, the planet was close to falling to an ork invasion. [Citation]

Asteroid KV-9—Site of a small space battle between the Tau and orks. The asteroid orbits on the outer edge of the Al’gel System. [Citation]

Atilla—A planet near the warp storm Heart of Darkness. [Citation]

Azura System—A raiding base for the Hadex Pirates is found orbiting a gas giant in the system, and the Knights of Altair end the pirate band’s years of piracy. [Citation]

Balar—A frigid, mineral-poor planet far from the major shipping lanes of the Corvus Cluster. The planet’s poverty led to the origin of the Balar Slavers, a  rogue band of pirates that raid small, isolated worlds for helpless citizens to sell as slavers. [Citation]

Basinlinopolis—A shrine world attacked by Balar Slavers. A nearby abbey of the Order of the Bloody Rose sends a Sororitas attack force to slaughter the pirates. [Citation]

Bast’s World—Beyond its name, no information is available about this world. [Citation}

Belliose—The administrative center of the Corvus Cluster and home base of the region’s Imperial Navy. It also is home of Johann Faracci and Captain Adeon Drake, two of the sector’s most colorful Rogue Traders. [Citation pending]

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Belzagor—An industrial world in the Sculptor System notable for its manufactorums, corrupt government, and civil unrest. [Citation]

Bengolarrea—A hive world infested by Genestealer cults. [Citation]

Brimlock—A tribute world that produces war material for the Imperium. It is noted for its dragoon regiments and its manufacture of ornate firearms. [Citation]

The Burning Frontier—See Varrenshall Subsector. [Citation]

Calamitous—A small forge world that was sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanics and Ordo Hereticus for the study of xeno technology. The world also suffers from an infection of “scrap code” that is causing servo-skulls to malfunction. [Citation]  [Citation]

Castinus—An industrial world that was long isolated by warp storms. When contact with the world was reestablished, planetary leaders sought to retain their independence—and Imperial forces crushed their traitorous efforts. [Citation]

Celestius—A shrine world where the Astartes traitor, Typhus, attacks a convent of the Adeptus Sororitas. [Citation]

Chthon—A world under Mechanicus scrutiny for deploying a non-Imperial-sanctioned combat walker. [Citation]

Croxis Prime—Invaded by the forces of the Death Guard two hundred years ago. After nearly of non-stop war,  the Ordo Hereticus orders Exterminatus of the hopelessly corrupted world. [Citation]

Cryillias—This bleak, isolated world housed a secret Adeptus Mechanicus research site The site was overwhelmed by a Genestealer infestation and destroyed by a cruiser serving the Ordo Xenos. [Citation]

Dal’yth—A Sept world of the Tau. It is located to the galactic south of the Corvus Cluster, across the Damocles Gulf. [Citation}

Dargav III—A world that suffers from a calamatous increase in mutations and insanity due to a nearby warp storm known as the Heart of Darkness. [Citation]

Darkover—A death world and home of the vicious Chtorr, a three-meter-long arthropod with razor-sharp pincers. Aspirants of the Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter are often taken to Darkover to prove their worth. [Citation]

Dar Sai—An agri-moon in the Sculptor System. The moon currently is fighting an invasion of the Tau. [Citation]

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Daxim III

Daxim III—An industrial world destroyed by a collision with an undetected meteor of great size. [Citation]

Diogenes System—Eldar of craftworld Biel-Tan  attacks the Explorator Station Imperial Bastion. A nearby force of Astartes defeat the xenos. [Citation]

Dozaria—A civilized world in the Dozarian System, this planet was invaded by the Death Guard. A planet-wide war continues to this day. [Citation]

D’Qar—A rebel planet where Captain Alaric Galba destroyed the Iron Gate of Ungol. [Citation]

Druidia—Druidia is the closest moon orbiting the gas giant of Sculptor III in the Sculptor System. An insignificant, backwater world that is notable only for Tau raid in 739.M41. [Citation]

Dryillian IV—A Necron tomb world that the Ordo Xenos unsuccessfully attempted to explore—with significant Imperial casualties. [Citation]

Elara System: A sizable xeno fleet of unknown origins defeated a naval flotilla near the Elara System. Since this battle, all contact with the stellar system has been lost. [Citation]

Etheria System—Home of a reptillian species known as the Salza. This semi-sentient species was scheduled for Imperial extermination but, given recent military threats, this violent but Stone Age civilization has been given a temporary reprieve. [Citation]

Eudoxis System—Orbiting this star is the long-isolated world of Pyrsmos,

Fermi’s Rift—While defending the strategic Emperor’s Bridge, a two-kilometer-long span, Chapter Master Garelius  of the Knights of Altair meets his end. [Citation]

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