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Urban Conquest rules will guide the fate of the Burning Frontier

Earlier this year, I acquired a copy of Urban Conquest: City-Fighting Campaigns in the 41st Millennium, a campaign expansion for Warhammer 40K, and thus began my journey into the realm of organized and properly structured narrative campaigns. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a copy of […]

Strategic situation of Arthys IV

“Long hidden from the Imperium’s view, the Varrenshall Subsector has been besieged by heretic, traitor, and xeno. It is our holy duty to the Emperor to cast out such filth and restore the rule of man.“—Lord Inquisitor Threnton Historical Background The Arthys System was once unofficially known as […]

The Burning Frontier: Setting the stage

Although year 738.M41 has already brought numerous calamities to the Corvus Cluster, this galactic region was only about to experience the truly devastating activity of the forces of Chaos. It started with a pinch of good news. Wandering Rogue Trader Maximo Florton, onboard his frigate, Lady Bright, had […]