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Dreadnought Boras deploys to 4th Company

Brother Boras is a Venerable Dreadnought of the Knights of Altair. Borus was captain of the 8th Company for 274 years during the 40th Millennium, winning renown for deeds that would be the envy of any chapter master. He fell nearly ripped in half during a battle against […]

The fleet of the Knights of Altair

The fleet of the Knights of Altair is believed to consist of some two dozen warships, along with numerous support vessels. Among the most well known are the following: Emperor’s Fury (Battle Barge)—Emperor’s Fury is the flagship of the chapter fleet. Perhaps the most modern Battle Barge in the […]

High Marshal Adrias Ioculus

One of the foremost strategists of his day, High Marshal Ardias Ioculus began his honored rise through the ranks of his chapter on the first day he was sent into battle as a Scout Marine: He single-handedly ambushed a dozen Chaos Death Cult warriors on the war-torn world of […]