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War has waged across the Corvus Cluster for six years now, and an assortment of heroes—and villains—have emerged. I thought it would be useful to put together a “Who’s Who” of our small corner of the galaxy.

I’ve attempted to include all individuals who’ve been active since our narrative campaign began on 3 001 735.M41, and I have included a number of individuals who are only casually mentioned in passing. Everyone is organized alphabetically, albeit under various factions within the Sector.

As possible, I have included links to more detailed biographies—or at least to their first reference in the various “historical documents.”—TheGM


Abnightus, explorator—This mysterious tech priest hired Rogue Raider Adeon Drake for an illicit mission to explore xeno ruins on the quarantined world of Stigmata. (Pyramids of Stigmata: An Adeon Drake Adventure)

Kazzim-Aleph-1, dominus—Commander of the 4th Cohort of the Charcharoth Home Guard on the desert world of Morkai. (Mutants continue advance on Morkai)

Auxilliarus Artemis 5.8, magos—Ranking official of the Adeptus Mechanicus government on the twilight world of Volano. (Rumors of the Underhive – 3 680 740.M41)

Marxa Aurilleus X78-B3, enginseer—Assigned as technical support to the 27th PDF Armored Company, 728th Cadian Regiment. Killed in action during the siege of Susa City. (Orks break through Susa City defenses)

Axiarch XR-71, datasmith, Morkai—Responsible for two ancient and most revered Kastelan Robots that serve the Mechanicus on the desert world of Morkai. (Mutants drive Imperial troops from Nisa Ruins)

Caldarius A-87, transmechanic—A member of the Mechanicus who serves as translator/public affairs officer for Dominus Kassim-Aleph-1 when dealing with Imperial authorities. (Home Guard defeats mutants on Morkai)

Malikot, lexmechanic—A rogue Tech Priest, Malikot explores the galaxy, occasionally funding his adventures through bounty hunting. (Bounty hunters seek unsanctioned psykers)

Octavian c36, technoarcheologist—Searches desert ruins on Morkai in search of ancient Imperial technologies. (Nomads attack dig site on Morkai)

Paladius Xi-7, enginseer—Led team of servitors on a flanking attack that helped defeat a mutant army on Morkai. (Mutant horde repulsed on Morkai)

Julio Sextus, magos dominus—Senior Magos of the military arm of the Adeptus Mechanicus forces serving House Fenring in the hive city of Charcharoth, Morkai. (Mutant horde repulsed on Morkai)

Sergius Technicus, forgemaster—The ranking official of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Hegira. He reluctantly agreed to the orbital strike that destroyed key manufacturing centers in ork-held territory. (Imperial Navy bombards ork positions on Hegira)

Vorkalth, genetor—Betrayed his Imperial Guard escort as he attempted to acquire xeno genetic material at a destroyed Mechanicus science outpost on Petronius IV. Assumed killed in nuclear explosion. (Incident on Petronius IV)


Blood Angels’ company champion, Catellus Quinto, Blood Angeles—A company champion of the Sons of Sanguinius, the presence of Quinto in the Corvus Cluster become public knowledge after he board a Death Guard cruiser and felled a daemon-possessed champion of the traitor Astartes. The Space Marin lost a hand in the duel. (Rumors of the Underhive – 3 680 740.M41)


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The Lady Adriana

Bhal Gaz, traitor Astartes—A Terminator-clad Death Guard warlord whose mind is clouded by disease and madness. (Ghaz Tak: Warlord of Chaos)

Ghaz Tak, traitor Astartes—Aspiring Champion of the Death Guard who was killed in skirmish with Space Wolves. (Space Wolves defeat Death Guard on Dozaria)

Havoc, traitor Astartes—Originally a member of the Death Guard Legion, this traitor and heretic recently has been spreading the Kassig Plague throughout the Corvus Cluster. (Havoc – A Death Guard traitor and heretic)

Lady Adriana, daemon of Slannesh—The beautiful and deadly consort of Count Johaan Feracci keeps a deadly secret, one that one day will shake the foundations of Imperial rule in the Corvus Cluster. (The Lady Adriana: Seductress of Slannesh)

Vardis Forbin—Proprietor of the House of Subtle Delights, a house of pleasure on Belliose III that is infamous for its debauchery. Forbin led the cult whose heretical spell casting helped Adriana cross over to Real Space, and he introduced Adriana to Count Johaan Feracci. (The Fall of Feracci)

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Voloh Gudag

Voloh Gudag—Responsible for the Kassig Plague and the destruction of an entire company of Space Marines, Gudag is the ultimate villain of the Corvus Cluster. He has been condemned by Imperial authorities as Excommunicate Traitoris. (Chaos Warlock Voloh Gudag)

Sadron Haqq—A traitor Astartes and sorcerer of the Night Lords, operating in the Burning Frontier. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Maldrek the Wolfbane—A traitor Astartes and sorcerer of the Night Lords, Maldrek is responsible for multiple attacks and atrocities against the loyalist Space Wolves Chapter. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Mel-Gar—Heretic member of the Tainted Souls. Successfully ambushed Space Wolves on Dozaria. Killed in action. (Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria)

Necrosius—A sorcerer of the Death Guard who sought to conquer the world of Dozaria with a heretical ritual. (Knights of Altair stop ‘Ritual of Pestilence’)

Odacius—A Helbrute of the Death Guard. Odacius was an ambitious upstart whom the Chaos Lord Ghaz Tak drove mad by imprisoning him in a dreadnought designed to torture him. (Death Guard targets Dozarian crops)

Pry-No—Heretic member of the Tainted Souls. Killed by Space Wolves on Dozaria. (Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria)

Sekroth—A traitor Astartes of the Night Lords, Sekroth is a lieutenant of the Chaos Lord Thurservor. Believed to be operating in the Burning Frontier. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Thurservor—A Chaos lord of the traitorous Night Lords, Thurservor is largely responsible for the growing Chaos threat in the Burning Frontier. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Mallous Vándr—A pack leader of the Blood Wolves, a warband of traitors that broke off from the noble Space Wolves Space Marine chapter. (Blood Wolves and Death Guard clash in space)

Xy-Tor—The ufar-ma of a tribe of Tainted Souls, a heretical warband serving the Death Guard on Dozaria. (Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria)


Coonel Piet Konev, commander 1st Battalion, Household Guard of House Fenring—First appears in Corvus Cluster records in an action against a mutant force on the world of Morkai. (Mutant horde repulsed on Morkai)


Hamed Amari, merchant prince—Hailing from the world of Tallarn, this interstellar merchant fell victim to the xeno taint of a genestealer. He was killed on the world of Cryillias by order of the Inquisition. (Infection on Outpost Zero-Omega)

Lecia Athena, Tau sympathizer—Athena is accused of treason and heresy for her active support of the Tau invasion of Dar Sai. (Dar Sai officials hunt traitor known as Lecia Athena)

Lukas Barat , baron, Dar Sai—Plantation aristocrat and owner of the Barat Shipping Consortium, Barat was caught smuggling stolen food from the besieged city of Aruna. He was publicly executed as an example against black marketeering. (Civilians suffer as Tau advance on Port Aruna)

Belladonna, bounty hunter—A noblewoman of an assassin’s guild on Necromunda, Belladonna came to the Corvus Cluster to seek clues into the murder of her husband—and to fund her family as they fight a hive gave war back home. (Bounty hunters seek unsanctioned psykers)

Tambor Childs, overseer of menial labor—A minor functionary of the Adeptus Mechanicus, he is presumed dead after a genestealer infestation on Cryillias. (Infection on Outpost Zero-Omega)

Amicia Gellena, correspondent—Imperial-sanctioned correspondent for the Bulletin, a Dar Sai-based news organization of the Adeptus Administratum. (Tau army advances south on Dar Sai)

Kaveah Halok—Psyker and criminal on the world of Brimlock. Seeking revenge for his treatment as a psyker, Halok committed a series of terrorist acts—until bounty hunter Jason Scarn captured him and turned him over to the Adeputus Arbites. (Names in the News—3 123 741.M41)

Jerkwad, hive ganger—A grizzled, profane brute, Jerkwad currently is under the employ of bounty hunter Jason Scarn. (Bounty hunters seek unsanctioned psykers)

Jonah, hive ganger—A competent if unimaginative man for hire, Johan worked for Belladonna on Dargav III. (Bounty hunters seek unsanctioned psykers)

Petrov Konrad, high mayor, Dar Sai—After a decade administrator the important port city of Aruna, Konrad was forced to flee the city along with thousands of refugees. (High Mayor of Aruna escapes Tau)

Galene Lydos, scholar—Hegira’s most esteemed expert in xeno behavior. (Ork warband attacks Space Marine camp in Hegira ruins)

Iago Mephistopholes, industrialist—A pompous and self-interested industrialist on Hegira who criticized the destruction of his holdings in ork-held territory. (Imperial Navy bombards ork positions on Hegira)


Paul Adros, lieutenant, 728th Cadian Regiment—Commander of 4th Platoon, 3rd Company, 2nd Battalion, Adros led a successful attack on a small Tau force north of Aruna. (Recon patrol clashes with Tau north of Aruna)

Domitus Alexandria, commissar-captain, 728th Cadian Regiment—Oversaw the famed “Evacuation of Tokai,” in which 40 civilian ships rescued 4,700 civilians as their plantation was overrun by Kroot warriors. (Dar Sai: Tau March on Malati)

Nazif Arjin, captain, 73rd Tallarn Regiment—Battled Plague Marines on the war-torn world of Dozaria. (Tallarn rescue key technology from Death Guard)

Jean Baptiste, private,  728th Cadian Regiment—A sniper serving in Beta Company, 1st Battalion, who took part in an unsuccessful rescue attempt of a captured officer on Hegira. (Squad fails to rescue captured captain on Hegira)

Jamie Bernard, private, 728th Cadian Regiment— A survivor of a guerilla raid at a supply depot on Dar Sai. A smarter and more practical comrade of Private Adius Revere. — Athena raids depot on Dar Sai

Nadi Boramus, private, 728th Cadian Regiment—Interviewed by regimental intelligence officers as they analyzed the loss of Malati to Tau forces. (Malati falls to Tau attack – Part 2)

Mikhail Botha, high marshal—Supreme commander of Imperial forces on the Death Guard-invaded world of Dozaria. (War of attrition marks battle for Mygor)

Brutus, commissar—An Imperial Guard commissar who fought bravely against a genestealer infestation on Cryillias. Died in action. (Infection on Outpost Zero-Omega)

Malor Brynsyka, corporal, 728th Cadian Regiment—Known only for a quote: “They may not be major battles, but any time you face one of those greenskin brutes up close, it’s the fight of your life.” (Patrols report skirmishes south of Barad Mine)

Fulton Carobius, major, 728th Cadian Regiment—Commanded a reinforced company of troops against ork forces in the Rakora Sand Dune Region, southwest of the Barad Mine. (Patrols report skirmishes south of Barad Mine)

Catillo and Haddaway, privates, 728th Cadian Regiment—Two sad sack guardsmen who have earned the enmity of Pvt. Tyesha Levers for running away during the fall of Malati. (Two soldiers reflect on defeat – Battle of the White Tower)

Mikel Chalon, sergeant, 728th Cadian Regiment—A sergeant serving in Beta Company, 1st Battalion, who took part in an unsuccessful rescue attempt of a captured officer on Hegira. (Squad fails to rescue captured captain on Hegira)

Vernetta Cunnane, major, 728th Regiment—An intelligence officer who authored a report summarizing two small skirmishes near the Barad Mine on Hegira. (Patrols report skirmishes south of Barad Mine)

Barim Davide, major, commander of 3rd Battalion of the Tallarn 002nd Regiment, stationed on Hegira.(Tallarn reinforcements arrive on Hegira)

Conrad  Deley, sergeant, 728th Cadian Regiment. Led the command that spirited High Mayor Petrov Konrad out of Port Aruna when the city fell to the Tau. Killed in action. (High Mayor of Aruna escapes Tau)

Anton Delmara, lieutenant, 728th Cadian Regiment. His hastily organized defense of the town of Saalon held for three days, fatally delaying the Tau advance on the port city of Malati on the moon of Dar Sai. (Dar Sai: Tau march on Malati)

Matias Donnan, captain, 728th Cadian Regiment, and commandant, Pradeep Defense Forces (Tau repulsed in Battle of Pradeep)

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Commissar-Major Rael Dracos

Adrius Evander, commissar-lieutenant, 728th Regiment. Accompanied patrol that explored Warp phenomenon south of Hegira’s Barad Mine. Executed for Warp taint, he was recommended for a posthumous commendation. (Warp phenomenon reported at Barad Mine)

Zarath Falz, captain, Baker Co., 728th Regiment—An officer who led a rearguard force during the fall of Malati on Dar Sai. (Surviving Port Malati-Journal of Pvt. Levers)

Felix Galla, lieutenant, 728th Cadian Regimen—A newly commissioned officer, fighting on the outskirts of Port Aruna on Dar Sai, who went to the Emperor’s side in the first minutes of his first command. He was killed by a battle cannon that, blown 60 meters into the air, was rude enough to land atop the young officer. (Tau crack Port Aruna’s defenses on Dar Sai)

Matius Grentanus, sergeant, 3rd Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 728th Cadian Regiment—Led rescue of expedition that investigated Warp phenomenon on Hegira. (Warp phenomenon reported at Barad Mine)

Vacante Jordanes, general, Sector Commander, Corvus Cluster—Ranking Imperial Guard officer in the Corvus Cluster. Rarely seen on the battlefield, Jordanes is responsible for allocating resources, assigning commands, and determining the military strategy for multiple sectors of the Segmentum Ultima. (Wars are raging across Corvus Cluster.)

Eli Keer, sergeant, 12th Morthrai PDF regiment—Led a patrol that encountered an ork raiding party on Morthrai (Sculptor IIb). He defeated his foe with minor casualties suffered. (Troops discover ork raiders on Sculptor IIb)

August Klein, colonel, 728th Cadian Regiment—A brave and dedicated regimental commander who has led his regiment to numerous victories—and defeats—during the war on Hegira. (Ork invaders repulsed at Susa City – Part 2)

Gregorus Konstantin, sub-captain, Dar Sai PDF—Commanded Imperial forces when the Tau first attempted to seize the port city of Malati. (First Battle of Malati)

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Tyesha Levers

Tyesha Levers, private, 728th Cadian Regiment—Her private journal’s description of the fall of Malati became one of the most important historical records of the war on Dar Sai. (Surviving Port Malati: Journal of Pvt. Levers)

Frankt Majaro, sergeant, 728th Cadian Regiment—The gruff and long-suffering platoon sergeant who must deal with two sad sack troopers, Catillo and Haddaway. (Two soldiers reflect on defeat – Battle of the White Tower)

Elias Manikas, colonel, 44th Dozarian PDF Regiment—Ordered to the Pattoa Flatlands, Manikas was a key figure in the Imperial fight to stop the Death Guard from despoiling the Lorca Basin. (Death Guard targets Dozarian crops)

Aiden Medb, astropath—An Imperial-sanctioned psyker who often transmits messages for the Imperial military in the Sculptor System.

Leonatos Mensen, captain, 728th Cadian Regiment—Commanded a small reconnaissance force that defeated an ork warband southeast of Barad Mine. (Patrols report skirmishes south of Barad Mine)

Col. Fakhri Pasha is commander of the 2nd Tallarn Regiment and is respected for leading his troops from the front line. He has perfected the highly mobile tactics that have made the regiment an elite unit.

Col. Fakhri Pasha is commander of the 2nd Tallarn Regiment and is respected for leading his troops from the front line. He has perfected the highly mobile tactics that have made the regiment an elite unit.

Fakhyri Pasha, colonel, 002 Tallarn Regiment—A greatly respected commander who has perfected the highly mobile tactics of this elite Imiperial Guard regiment. (Tallarn troops deploy in Sculptor System)

Nog, bullgryn, 728th Cadian Regiment—A bullgryn serving in Beta Company, 1st Battalion, who took part in an unsuccessful rescue attempt of a captured officer on Hegira. (Squad fails to rescue captured captain on Hegira)

Usiel Pask, major, 728th Cadian Regiment—Tank commander and great-great-grandfather of the renown Knight Commander Pask who would command Imperial armor in the last century of M41. (Orks stopped again at Barad Mine)

Tomas Paulso, lieutenant, 728th Cadian Regiment—Promising platoon commander serving under Captain Mensen. Helped defeat an ork force outside the walls of Susa City on Hegira, (Patrol clashes with orks near Susa City)

Cipio Pax, lieutenant, 728th Cadian Regiment—Skilled tank commander of the 3rd Armored Company, currently operating on the moon of Dar Sai against Tau invaders. (Imperial drive on Hawi Plantation fails)

Adius Revere, private, 728th Cadian Regiment—Freshly recruited 18-year-old who survived a guerilla raid of his supply depot on Dar Sai. — (Athena raids depot on Dar Sai)

Caleb Shabaughn, astropath—An Imperial-sanctioned psyker who broadcast the first known report of Rumlar Grimrekkah.

Stevrous Stark, captain, 728th Cadian Regiment—Known as the Hero of Dar Sai, this young captain won renown for his military successes against the Tau invasion. He eventually found himself in command of all military forces on the beleaguered moon. (Battle of the Manufactorum)

Paulo Stovall, major, 728th Cadian Regiment—The death of this officer was reported in a final voxcast from the Barad Mine, just minutes before the final defenses were overrun by an ork horde. (Panic spreads with fall of Barad Mine to orks)

Pernium Thule, lieutenant, 132nd Cadian Regiment—Seeking to determine the fate of a long-silent Mechanicus outpost, this officer was betrayed by a Tech Priest but escaped. He was later executed by the Inquisition as part of a cover-up of the mission, but he was awarded the Sontaran Cross posthumously. (Incident on Petronius IV)

Delmara Stryker, captain, 728th Cadian Regiment—After his superior was injured by enemy fire, this officer took command of the Malati defenses during the second Tau attack. Stryker was summarily executed by the regimental commissar for his failure to hold the city. (Malati falls to Tau attack)

Donian Tellis, captain, 728th Cadian Regiment—A tank ace with an uncanny talent for targeting enemy armor. His accurate fire proved useless at the Third Battle the Tarak Mines.

Tilo, private, 728th Cadian Regiment—Weapons specialist serving under Sergeant Vasa Wero. Helped destroy a crashed shuttle outside Susa City. (Imperial patrol stops ork pilfering)

Cauis Velaz, captain, 728th Cadian Regiment—An Imperial Guard officer who played a key role in the successful defense of Susa City, the capital of Hegira. (Ork invaders repulsed at Susa City)

 Aldos Venner, commissar-colonel, 82nd Death Korps Infantry Regiment. Noted for comment about Confessor Guidonis Bernard’s proposal of Exterminatis on Dozaria. (History of the Dozaria Campaign – Part 1)

Vasa Wero, sergeant, 728th Cadian Regiment—Led a squad outside the Susa City siege lines that destroyed a crashed shuttle. (Imperial patrol stops ork pilfering)

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