Druidia (Sculptor IIIa)


A sister moon of Dar Sai, Druidia is the closest moon orbiting the gas giant of Sculptor III in the Sculptor System.

No Imperial records document the date of Druidia’s settlement. Folklore suggests that, as the world has limited mineral resources, the Administratum never formally settled the moon and its early population consisted of individual families that settled the planet without official sanction sometime in M.32.

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Although arid, Druidia’s river valleys are havens for agriculture and animal herds.

Due to high levels of volcanic activity, the moon’s atmosphere has an above-average level of greenhouse gases, resulting in temperatures much higher than on neighboring Dar Sai. For reasons not clear, much of the moon’s water is subterranean. Although lakes and rivers exist, large bodies of water on the surface are rare—and rainfall is sporadic at best.

With limited material resources, the moon has not undergone the massive levels of industrialization that leaves many worlds contaminated with pollutants and bereft of flora and fauna. Although an arid world, there are areas of grassy savannas and fertile river valleys that support a sizable Grox population that is harvested for food exports.

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Most buildings on Druidia are extremely primitive, built of stone and brick rather than plasteel.

As a moon of little strategic or economic value, Druidia is largely ignored by the Adeptus Administratum, That has resulted in most government functions being turned over to local tribal councils, which has ensured the moon’s population enjoys surprising autonomy in regards to how and where individual citizens live. It also has ensured that inhabitants’ living standards—while somewhat primitive— are far superior to those of Imperial citizens living on more polluted, industrialized, and politically authoritarian Hive Worlds.

In a war-torn galaxy, Druidia has been unusually blessed by peace. Although tribal warfare has broken out in past centuries, these incidents have seldom involved more than a few dozen warriors—and serious bloodshed hasn’t been experienced in half a millennium.

Indeed, the only significant military incident ever recorded in Druidia’s history occurred recently, on 3 173 738.M41, when a small Tau force from the xeon-held moon of Media III conducted a raid on the small community of Kaklic. The xenos eventually were repulsed after heavy fighting.

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An aerial view of the fighting on Druidia during the Tau raid on 3 173 739.M41.

The threat of future xeno attacks has prompted the moon’s tribal council to establish in recent weeks the first Planetary Defense Force (PDE) in Druidia’s history. Warriors from various tribes have been organized into two battalions, although formal training and advanced weaponry have yet to be provided to turn these units into a credible military force.

TheGM: Once again, our narrative campaign takes us in directions we never intended. 

With this blog, we have the first formal description of the moon of Druidia, which may—or may not—become the next war zone in the beleaguered Sculptor System.

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