Rumors of the Underhive (3 060 741.M41)

Raid launched on Warp taint on Hegira

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Flickering lights, columns of flame, and violent lightning storms are being observed to the southeast of Hegira’s Barad Mine.

One thousand men—an entire Imperial Guard battalion—was transported by Valkyries to the outskirts of the ork-occupied Barad Mine to seize a valley that reportedly is the site of mysterious lightning storms and a strange glow that Imperial psykers warn is a sign of Warp energies.

Some whisper that the raid was ordered by the Inquisition, but military authorities say they were simply concerned that the reported phenomenon is related to ork activity. It is known that the orks have a primitive priesthood, consisting of so-called “Weird Boyz,” that have psychic powers.

The military high command insists that the battalion secured the valley, and it was examined by a team of Tech Priests before the raid was withdrawn due to the approach of significant ork combat units.

“Although the phenomenon is mysterious, it was determined to be a natural phenomenon that should dissipate with time. Its existence has no impact on the progress of our war against the greenskin menace, and it is of no danger to the public.”

Dar Sai traitor forms terrorist group

Warhammer 40K blogThe Adeptus Arbites and Officio Pefectus are aggressively seeking a wanted criminal, Lecia Athena,  for launching a series of terrorist attacks on Imperial military and civilian personnel in the southeast corner of Dar Sai’s main continent.

 The 27-year-old traitor first came to the attention of the Arbites during last year’s siege of Port Aruna, where she was charged with distributing xeno leaflets urging an uprising against Imperial rule.

“This criminal’s activities have escalated to violence,” says Senior Arbitrator Jan Servass of the Malifax Precinct, which has taken control of all Arbites functions within Imperial-controlled territory east of the xeno-held city of Aruna.

“Lecia Athena—aka Ath or Lucia Ath—is charged with organizing a band of civilian traitors after the fall of Port Aruna and terrorizing loyal Imperial citizens trapped inside xeno-held territory.”

“On 3 001 741.M41, she reportedly led this criminal band on an attack against the Kaloa Plantation, where members of the ruling aristocracy were victims of an illegal staged trial and executed—and menial laborers were forced to attend lectures of heretical xeno promises of protection and freedom from serfdom.”

A writ summary execution has been published, and all citizens are ordered to report any information as to Athena’s whereabouts to local or military authorities.

Explorators discover a new “Dead World”

Warhamemr 40K blog

Teufel is a planet of ruins and a scattering of mutant tribes that have descended into barbarism.

An Explorator Fleet has sent word of a forgotten Imperial world on the edge of the Corvus Cluster—a devastated world picked over by mutant barbarians.

Explorator Fleet KX-472.X passed through the core of the Corvus Cluster more than a year ago. Its report, reportedly sent some months later, tells of an armed expedition to explore the planet’s surface and search its ruins for ancient and forgotten technologies.

The world, apparently once known as Teufel, cut itself off from the Imperial during the Age of Apostasy, according to data crystals found in an Administratum building. During these troubled times, Imperial authorities had greater worries than a backwater world  and, over the centuries, all knowledge and records of the planet were lost.

It appears, the Explorator report states, that the planet’s aristocracy was content with its isolation until sometime in M39. At that time, there was an uprising by abhuman slaves that led to the use of biological and toxic chemical weapons. The atmosphere poisoned,  much of the population died, leaving the planet’s cities and manufactorums to fall into ruin, picked over by scavengers heavily mutated by toxins and increasingly barbaric.

A more practical discovery, the Mechanicus report states, was the discovery of a partial STC (Standard Template Construct) describing the formula for more efficient oral rehydration salts that combat dysentery.

Mutations, madness spike on Dargav III

Warhammer 40K blog

The Heart of Darkness has become increasingly turbulent and dangerous in recent months.

A seemingly minor fluctuation in the warp storm known as the “Heart of Darkness” has led to a calamitous increase in mutations and insanity on the planet Dargav III.

Situated only 23 light years from the unstable warp phenomenon, Dargav III has long suffered above-average rates of mutation and madness among its population. But on 6 011 741.M41, planetary sensors recorded that the surface of the Heart of Darkness was unsettled for approximately 55 minutes, with an increase in the luminosity of its purple warp-tainted glow.

Trained since birth to never look up at the sky, the citizens of Dargrav III couldn’t help but notice the increase in illumination and hurried indoors to avoid exposure to the warp-tainted light. It made little difference. Within 24 hours, at least 2 million citizens were stricken with physical mutations and another 100,000 were identified with varying degrees of mental illness or a loss of cognitive ability.

Imperial authorities ultimately gave the Emperor’s mercy to 300,000 of the worst inflicted.

What remains a mystery to Imperial scholars is that the the changes in the warp storm’s glow was reported on Dargav III at the exact same moment as it was experienced by a patrolling naval patrol 10 light years closer to the storm. It should have taken years for the storm’s change in illumination to travel the intervening light years.

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  1. “Eager Collaboration with the oppressors.
    Eager lapdogs, who’d done countless injustices.
    Eager Monsters, hoarding their own wealth while people struggle and die day by day.

    The soullessness of the Aristocracy of Dar Sai pervades almost all of the their ilk. What was done, was justice and the people shall drink and eat of their larders

    And despite the unpleasantness of the blood we have spilled, the greater good for the day prevails and freedom comes closer and closer for us all!”

    -Vox Recording after impromptu Trials and executions of aristocracy, of the T’au supported Revolutionary Lecia Athena’s words.

    Most found guilty, the young were by and large spared and attended the lectures alongside menial laborers stripped of status. Members of the water caste were more then welcomed to assist at these lectures.

    Great to see friend, that was really damn cool and think this post is pretty damn good, certainly approve and think it’s in character.

    Also nice to hear about the warp stuff and hearing about dead planets and the like, always good to see more Corvus Cluster stuff and this year should be pretty damn cool!


  2. Just received the bitz I need to create Lecia Athena and High Mayor of Aruna, Petrov Karlson, as new miniatures. With these completed, I can finally run that scenario you sent me. Cheers.


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