Rumors of the Underhive (3 036 737.M41)

rumors-of-the-underhiveRumors are flying throughout the grimdark, and there is a growing sense of unease among the beleaguered citizens of the Corvus Cluster. Here is what’s being whispered in the underhives …

Balar Slavers target isolated Kerberos

A vid-pict of a Balar Slaver. This criminal band has been a thorn in the side of the Corvus Cluster for many years.

A vid-pict of a Balar Slaver. This criminal band has been a thorn in the side of the Corvus Cluster for many years.

The desolate world of Kerebos is the latest target of the feared Balar Slavers.

A cold, wind-swept planet of gray rock and snow, Kerebos is far removed from the major shipping lanes of the Corvus Cluster. Indeed, the world has not been visited by an Imperial Navy patrol in more than a century.

Its remoteness makes it a prime target for the Slavers, who reportedly have established a minor base on the planet—from which they launch raids on surrounding isolated communities.

Imperial authorities, overwhelmed by more serious threats, have so far shown no interest in responding to the rumors. sharpwritercredit2However, Adeon Drake, a well-known nemesis of the Slavers, has announced he will do everything in his power to end the threat of these interstellar criminals.

It is not clear why a Rogue Trader, with Imperial marques of trade, holds such personal animosity toward the Slavers.

Space Wolves rescue merchant ship

When the Vega Prime, a merchant vessel flying the flag of House Feracci,  is attacked by Dark Eldar on its approach to the Belliose System, its distress call is answered by a strike cruiser of the famed Astartes known as the Space Wolves.

After a short void battle drives off the xeno pirate vessel, a single squad of Space Wolves allegedly storms the merchant vessel and kills nearly 100 xenos abandoned by their cowardly comrades.

According to Vega Prime‘s captain, the Space Wolves’ leader, a Brother-Sergeant Torin Valdar, was  abrupt in his communications. He broadcast an order for the merchant vessel to open its starboard cargo bay doors just before the Space Marine squad stormed the ship—and, 30 minutes later, informed the captain that the xeno boarders were dead and the Astartes were leaving.

Other than the name of the strike cruiser, Wolfborn, little else is known about the Space Wolves or their purpose so far from Fenris.


Followers of the Cult of the Voidborn have been leaving painting their cult icon on walls across the world of Bengolarrea. Although Imperial authorities say the cult has been suppressed, there are rumors that cult symbols still are appearing across the planet.

Cult of the Voidborn

A xeno cult has been uncovered and suppressed by the Inquisition on the hive world of Bengolarrea.

Given the Inquisition is involved, it’s no surprise that Imperial authorities are ignoring all requests for information on the cult.

It is whispered, however, that many of the arrested cultists are mutated, with ridged foreheads and—among the more genetically corrupt members—additional appendages.

The Cult of the Voidborn, as it has become known, claims that a celestial being of great power is arriving from beyond the boundaries of the galaxy—and will embrace all the worlds of the Imperium under its magnificent rule. The symbol of the cult is a saw-spined wyrm-symbol.

One rumor suggests that an Edict of Obliteration has been issued by the Ordos Xenos, a legal declaration that means any citizens who speak of the cult are subject to immediate arrest and execution.

 Imperial rule overthrown in Abydos System

Seeking to cast off the shackles of oppression and misrule, the teeming masses of the hive cities of Adydos III have overthrown their tithe lords and cardinals and declared a new government overseen by elected representatives of the citizenry.

The rebellion has quickly spread throughout the planetary system, with only a minor moon and two orbital stations standing firm in their support for the Emperor.

Although claiming loyalty to the Imperium, the rebels have been declared guilty of treason, and Imperial authorities have named General Corbula Sulla—hero of the Titania III Campaign—as Lord General of the multi-regimental army being organized to suppress the rebellion.

Although the rebellion’s stated goals of “progress” and “democracy” have been declared “seditious corruption” by the Adeptus Administratum, some misguided citizens across the Sector are voicing support for the rebels’ calls to root out corruption and the violent repression of the people.

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