Worlds – Part 2 (Gamelan V to Pythia)

Gamelan V—Saved from an ork Waaagh! by the unexpected intervention of the Carcharodons Space Marine Chapter. [Citation]

Garrus Colony—An isolated colony world on the edge of the Damocles Gulf, this world came under Tau influence. Imperial order was reinstated by the Damocles Gulf Crusade [Citation]

Gehenna System —Known only for the arrival of a Genestealer-infested ship that was destroyed by the Imperial Navy. [Citation]

Gettinge—A world terrorized by a renegade war band of traitor Astartes, the Dark Wolves., in 739.M41. Millions were killed. [Citation]

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Heat of Darkness

Heart of Darkness—A warp storm on the northern edge of the Corvus Cluster, the Heart of Darkness has expanded recently and consumed several Imperial worlds. [Citation]

Hedera—A victim of the Kassig Plague (a zombie plague] that was introduced by the Chaos sorcerer Voloh Gudag. The world is largely decimated but surprising not yet subjected to Exterminatus. [Citation]

Hegira—A mining and industrial moon in the Sculptor System. An ork invasion has seized the majority of the moon. [Citation]

Helios—The major forge world in this region, it’s location is unknown, stricken from all star charts. That is as it should be. It was on Helios that the Knights of Altair, along with several other chapters, were created as part of the 23rd Founding in the 37th Millennium. That suggests it is a secret repository of the critical gene seed of the Astartes. [Citation]

Hyberia II—When a small Tau settlement is established on this Imperial-claimed world, Imperial forces engage in the first military clash with the Tau xenos in recorded history.  The planet is reclaimed for the God-Emperor. [Citation]

Iconia—Battling a serious ork infestation after a Rok crashed on the planet in 739.M41. [Citation]

Iometa—A mining world in the Seraka Subsector whose entire population went missing after reporting the appearance of the Shard of Darkness space hulk. [Citation]

Irodonia II—A Mechanicus-affiliated industrial world near the Heart of Darkness warp storm. Planetary authorities reported a distress signal from a Mechanicus vessel coming under attack fo the Dark Mechanicum. [Citation]

Kadai System—Site of a World Bearers’ attack on the floating city of Strathos. [Citation]

Kandor—The Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter attack a Necron infestation that ends with the xenos withdrawing. [Citation]

Kerberos—Home of the Zoccadus Shrine, a mountainous shrine beloved by the planet’s citizens, but which was ordered destroyed by the Ordo Xenos as it is believed the ancient shrine may have a xeno origin. [Citation]

Ketera—A small Civilized World near the border of the Dryillian Quarantine Zone. The entire population of a major space port on the planet disappeared under mysterious circumstances. [Citation]

Kharak—Known for strange columns of light that rise from the desert. The reason for this phenomenon remains unknown. [Citation]

Kleist Colony—A colony world that fell under the influence of the Tau Empire. Imperial order reinstated by the Damocles Gulf Crusade. [Citation]

Korhal—A small agri-world that spent a century under the thrall of the Balar Slavers. [Citation]

Lagash—One of a dozen ork-occupied worlds to the galactic north of the world of Stigmat. It is here that the Prophet of Pythia says can be found a lost Titan from the Great Crusade. [Citation]

Lilarsus—An Eldar maiden world  that fired upon a Tau survey ship in 738.M41. [Citation]

Luxicon—An industrial world that rebelled agaisnt the Imperium. The rebelliong was put down by the 4th Company of the Ultramarines in a brief, two-week military campaign. [Citation]

Media III—An industrial world in the Sculptor System that fell a decade ago to Tau influence. [Citation]

Metaluna—An industrial world that entered a gaseous nebula. With its sun obscured, the planet’s temperature plunged and, while the rich managed to escape, billions of Imperial citizens were left to freeze to death. It is said that some survivors still eke out a living on the icy death world. [Citation]

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Morkai—A dying desert world where mutant rebels are threatening Imperial rule. [Citation}

Morthrai—A habitable moon in the Sculptor System. Known only for a small ork raid in 741.M41. [Citation]

Mundi Prime—The sorcerer Voloh Gudag ignites rebellion then detonates nuclear bombs across the planet, wiping out millions and nearly half of the 4th Company of the Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter. [Citation]

Murella—An industrial world whose capital city was subjected to an orbital bombardment by the Imperial Navy. No official explanation has ever been provided for this attack. [Citation]

Myopolis—A Mechanicus-allied planet that is under attack by the Necrons. [Citation]

Myrna—An ocean world where a serial killer strikes every 75 days. [Citation]

Namatos Colony—A small colony that has fallen under the influence of the Tau. The Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter currently attempting to restore Imperial control. [Citation]

Oison Subsector—This system survived a brief appearance of the Shard of Damnation space hulk in 726.M41. [Citation]

Opelia VII—A cardinal world and birthplace of the Confessor Guidonis Bernard. [Citation]

Optera—Victim of a planetary raid by the Balar Slavers and allied Dark Eldar raiders. [Citation]

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Pendor—Feral world consumed by the Heart of Darkness, a warp storm that expanded dramatically in 738.M41. [Citation]

Perdide Colony—A backwater colony within the Dryillian Quarantine Zone. Population wiped out by Necrons. [Citation]

Petronius—A desert world where a small band of Imperial Guard were betrayed by a Tech Priest. Their adventure involved a horde of giant insects, a nuclear bomb, and their ultimate betrayal by the Mechanicus. [Citation]

Polarian—A sister planet of war-torn Dozaria in the Dozarian System, the sorcerer Voloh Gudag attempted to infect the planet with the Kassig plague. He was stopped by the Inquisition. [Citation]

Port Halborg—Seized by the Mograin Campaign in 738.M41, this planet is a trans-shipment supply point in a system neighboring the ork-infested world of Arthys IV It was intended to be the starting port of the campaign’s retaking of the entire Varrenshall Subsector. Alas, no word of the campaign’s progress has been heard in years. [Citation]

Pyrsmos—This world, also known as Eudoxis IV, was doomed millennia ago when it entered a radioactive ion cloud that forced millions of Imperial citizens to flee (and killed hundreds of millions more who were abandoned to their fate). The planet has recently cleaned the ion cloud but remains in quarantine. [Citation]

Pythia—On this world, the prophet of Pythia—a heretical religious leader sought by the Inquisition—has foretold the discovery of an ancient Titan lost during the Great Crusade of the Emperor. [Citation]

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