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Raetor System—Site of the Merchants Massacre (574.M41), when the crews of several merchant ships in the system are found without power and with their crews massacred in a Chaos ritual. [Citation]

Regno Borealis—A Feudal World rediscovered by Imperial officials in 742.M41. [Citation]

Sartaka Prime—Site of the the epic Battle of Sartaka Prime that won Imperial control of the Sartaka System. [Citation]

Sartaka System—This prometheum-rich system is scoured of xenos and claimed by the Imperium. [Citation]

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Sculptor System

Sculptor System—Notable for a large number of inhabited moons, several of which have been invaded by xenos. [Citation]

Saint Jenus II—A prison world in the Burning Frontier. After being cut off from the Imperium for half a century, a Rogue Trader managed to reach the planet and found it scoured of all life. [Citation]

Satorus—An industrial world that suffered a horrific raid by traitor Astartes known as the Knight Lords. The week-long raid ended with the death of 3.1 million civilians, 1.2 million kidnapped citizens, and 200,000 Planetary Defense Force causalties. [Citation]

Sega Ryan IV—A rich Imperial world that lies on the eastern edge of the Corvus Cluster. It fell to Waaagh! Korak a millennia ago, and its ruins are no longer considered worth the recapture of the planet. [Citation]

Seraka Subsector—A multi-system region stripped of all life after the appearance of the Shard of Damnation space hulk. It is not clear what role the space hulk played in the disaster, as the subsector lies with the Dryillian Quarantine Zone, an area noted for raids by the Necrons. [Citation]

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Shard of Damnation

Shard of Damnation—A mysterious Space Hulk that has haunted the Corvus Cluster for millennia. [Citation]

Skiasos—An agri-world whose population was slaughteed by an Eldar raid. [Citation]

Stigmata—A quarantined world that was home to an underground city of sleeping Necrons. Rogue Trader Adeon Drake and Tech Priest Abnightus unintentionally awaken the xenos and begin the threat of the Necrons to the Corvus Cluster. [Citation]

Talaara—A colony world where the Rogue Trader Adeon Drake rescues Imperial citizens from a raid by the Balar Slavers. None of the pirates survive this incident. [Citation]

Teufel—A devastated world of mutant barbarians. Lost during the Age of Apostasy, the long-forgotten world was rediscovered by an Explorator Fleet i n741.M41. [Citation]

Thalion—This industrial world on the eastern edge of the Corvus Cluster fell to orks and remains under xeno control to this day. [Citation]

Tomakan—A long-lost Imperial colonyworld is found with a population engaging in heretical activities. The population—and many of the troops who witnessed what happened on the planet—are wiped out. [Citation]

Tophet—A civilized world within the Dryillian Quarantine Zone. After suffering years of war with the Necrons, the planet ultimately was cleansed of xeno filth by the Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter. [Citation]

Torox III—Mysterious deaths cause fear across the planet. Necrons are suspected, but the culprit turns out to be a genestealer. [Citation]

Torrentia—A rain-drenched world and target of WAAAGH! Ghurlukh. The ork invasion was stopped by the Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter. [Citation]

Trantor VI: This industrial planet, seduced by Tau water caste emissaries, has rebelled against the Imperium. Loyalist troops continue to fight to restore Imperial rule. [Citation]

Tsagathoa—A forge world seized by the Dark Mechanicum in the Varrenshall Subsector (Burning Frontier). [Citation]

Tygon—Known only for an incident involving a gun battle between Rogue Trader Adeon Drake and unknown assailants. Drake narrowly avoided prosecution for the incident. [Citation]

Unicron IX—The world where Voloh Gudag declared the “End Times” and released the Kassig Plague on the planet’s inhabitants. [Citation]

Vanamon—An armory world that fell to the traitorous Emperor’s children in 741.M41. [Citation]

Varrenshall—A mining world in the Burning Frontier. The world was seized by the Night Lords long ago, but the traitors’ hold on the planet is challenged by an ork invasion. [Citation]

Varrenshall Subsector—Famously known as the “Burning Frontier” due to the flame-colored lights of a nearby Warp Storm, the Heart of Darkness. The subsector had been isolated for half a century from the Imperium after its one stable warp route was severed. Contact with the subsector was restored in 738.M41, and it was determined that several worlds had fallen to traitor Astartes or orks. [Citation]

Vengence System—Orbiting this system is the Desert World of Morkai.

Vinea—An agri-world plagued by a grot infestation. [Citation]

Volana—A mining planet in the Cypress System. This tidal-locked world orbits a red dwarf and has been raided repeatedly by the traitors Blood Wolves war band. It is sometimes called the Twilight World, as the planet does not rotate, and the only inhabitable region on the planet is a thin strip between the deadly hot surface of the sun-facing side of the planet and the frozen surface of the non-sun-facing side—a region in perpetual twilight. [Citation]

Vorta System—Site of a Necron attack on the Imperial cruiser Golden Drake. Within the system is NuDawn, a colony world destroyed by the Necrons. [Citation]

Worlorn—A frozen barbarian world that is rumored to hold a small fortress of the Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter. [Citation]

Ya’fol—The world was subjected to Exterminatus after cultists summoned daemons to help with their rebellion. All records of this planet have been expunged. [Citation]

Yangon—A forge world where Chaos sorcerer Voloh Gudag was stopped in his efforts to spark a rebellion. [Citation]

Yaisdra IX—Invaded by the Tau in 736.M41. [Citation]

Yaisdra Subsector—An extremely isolated subsector in the outer fringes of the Corvus Cluster,  just off the galactic plane near Tau space. [Citation]

Yuctan System—This sparsely inhabited system was the site of the first documented clash with the Necrons in the Corvus Cluster. Deep inside the Dryillian Quarantine Cluster, there has been no communications with Imperial settlements for several years. [Citation]

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