Rumors of the Underhive (3 208 738.M41)

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Plague Marines have reportedly returned to the plague-infested world of Dozaria.

Kassig Plague returns to Dozaria

Warhammer 40K blogMonths after declaring victory over the Kassig Plague and the subsequent civil unrest, the world of Dozaria reports that another Warp-tainted pandemic has erupted—and the planet’s skies  are again swarming with dreaded Rot Flies.

The plague made its first appearance on Dozaria last year after the arrival of the Chaos sorcerer Voloh Gudag and traitor Space Marine known as Typhus, who have been unleashing the plague on worlds across the western regions of the Corvus Cluster.

Both men are condemned to death, after the Ordo Hereticus declaring the highest Imperial sanction, Excommunicate Traitoris, against both heretics.

Warhammer 40K blog

Diseased and mindless Imperial citizens, little more than “zombies,” wander the plague-infested world of Dozaria.

The Kassig Plague leaves victims little more than diseased, mindless, and hyper-violent creatures that stumble about and attack anything that move.

The plague struck Dozaria on 6 647 737.M41 and quickly spread across the planet. At the same time, Typhus and Gudag invaded the world with traitor Space Marines while Chaos cultists spread civil unrest across the planet. Swarms of Rot Flies also appeared to spread the plague and torment loyal citizens.

Imperial authorities thought the world lost until the arrival of the Blood Angels, who battled mightily to stem the tide. It took almost a year of fighting, mass executions of the infected, and the prayers of the Ecclesiarchy to extinguish the threat.

The latest news accounts report the planet’s survivors, undernourished and traumatized by the recent pandemic, are quickly falling victim to this latest appearance of the plague. Thankfully, the Blood Angels were still in the region, and they are returning to Dozaria to battle the new outbreak.

Administratum announces new recruitment tithes

imperial_guard_recruit_poster_by_k_aybarsAll Imperial worlds in the Corvus Cluster must raise recruitment tithes to the Imperial Guard by 15 percent, the Adeptus Administratum on Belliose III announced on 3 131 738.M41.

The increased tithes are required to meet growing demands on Imperial military resources, authorities say. In recent years, there has been an increase in civil unrest across the Corvus Cluster, as well as growing military threats from Chaos traitors and xenos,

“This call to arms should be viewed with relief, not concern,” the Administratum announcement stated.

“This new tithe is not a sign of weakness or fear on the part of Imperial authorities. It is simply a recognition that the enemies of the Imperium foolishly underestimate the might of the Imperium, and it is necessary to call upon its vast resources to utterly crush those traitors and xenos that do not enjoy the light of the Emperor.”

World of Metaluna faces icy future

Warhammer 40K blog

Falling temperatures will turn Metaluna into an ice world within a few years.

Temperatures are plummeting on the world of Metaluna, a planet undergoing ecological disaster as it enters the Esskay Nebula.

All solar systems orbit the galaxy over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, but Metaluna has the misfortune of being located in a system whose orbit is entering a nebula where the concentration of interstellar gases are unusually dense.

Density is a relative term. On average, the density of interstellar space averages one atom per cubic centimeter. In the Esskay Nebula, the density reaches as high as 10,000 molecules per cubic centimeter.

Warhammer 40K blogFor perspective, there are 2.7 x 1019 molecules of atmosphere per cubic centimeter at sea level on Terra.

Yet, although the density is astonishly low, the nebula’s gases are sufficient to reduce the solar radiation striking Metaluna by 15 percent. This reduction, according to astronomical experts, is likely to reduce the planet’s surface temperatures to sub-arctic levels.

Indeed, within a month, surface temperatures already have fallen 20 degrees centigrade, and a worldwide extinction of flora and fauna already has begun. it is expected the planet will be classified an ice world within two years.

Famine and civil unrest also are an increasing problem, Imperial authorities report. Worse, a shortage of Warp-capable transports makes it unclear what—if anything—can be done to feed or evacuate Metaluna’s 2.5 billion citizens.

Calamitous sanctioned for techno-heresy

The forge world of Calamitous, located in the Corvus Cluster’s neighboring Subsector Yaisdra, has been sanctioned by the Adeptus Mechanics and Ordo Hereticus for the study of xeno technology.

The world’s Fabricator-General and several Arch-Magos, along with thousands of Tech-priests of various ranks, have been executed and their bodies burned. (The normal criminal punishment—Servitude Imperpituis (conversion to a servitor)—was deemed unacceptable given the risk that the heretics’ cortex implants might be infected with xeno-contaminated data.

Although the techno-heresy was limited to only a few thousand Mechanicus personnel, the Ordo Hereticus has ordered that tithes of production for the entire forge world must be increased 10 percent for the next three centuries, as the heresy should have been uncovered and reported by law-biding Tech Priests.

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