Who’s Who – Page 2 (Imperial Navy to Mutants)


Khrysdam Alrod, military scholar, Nguyen Naval Base—A retired naval officer and military scholar who commented publicly about on the Imperial navy defeat over Hegira in 735.M41. (Imperial Navy suffers disaster at Hegira)

Lucius Antonius, commander, Nguyen Naval Base—Author of incident report regarding fate of Task Force 7-A. (Mysterious xeno fleet attacks Imperial flotilla)

Idylss Argon, senior captain, Fleet Corvus—Commander of the Tyrant-class cruiser, Indomitable, who commanded Patrol 05-A when it was ambushed by the Tau in the Sculptor System. (Tau ambush Imperial flotilla near Dar Sai)

Gylo Cassia, captain, Inflexible—As the senior-ranking captain of Fleet Corvus, Cassia took command of Flotilla DS-1 over Dar Sai. He is presumed dead, as his ship was turned into a hulk after a short battle with the Tau Navy. (Tau fleet breaks naval blockade over Dar Sai)

Alvaro Castello, captain, Litany of Hate—Sighted Necron vessel at edge of Dryillian Quarantine Zone. (Necron ship sighted in Dryillian quarantine zone)

Hausu Dinola, admiral, Imperial Navy—This senior officer has a strained relationship with Commodore Gadea Hennard, who once sarcastically informed the admiral that he’d read the Tactica Imperialis. (Imperial Navy suffers disaster at Hegira)

Castinus Durven, rear admiral, Imperial Navy—Commanded a flotilla of the Damocles Crusade Fleet and decimated a Tau naval force of equal size during the suppression of the rebellious Garrus Colony that had allied with the Tau Empire. (Crusade fleet enters Timbra Sub-sector)

Julien Gilet, captain, commander of The Executioner, a Firestorm-class frigate, and acting commander of Task Force Sigma. (Tau seize Decora Mining Base in Sculptor System)

Mariel Guilliman, astropath, Fleet Corvus—An Imperial-sanctioned psyker who serves as a communications medium for Commodore Gadea Hennard. (Imperial Navy suffers disaster at Hegira)

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Commodore Hennard, commander of Fleet Corvus.

Gadea Hennard, commodore, Fleet Corvus—An undistinguished and prickly naval officer who is widely considered to be mediocre at best. Despite this opinion, Hennard pulled off an impressive victory over the Tau in a battle over the world of Dar Sai. (Commodore Gadea Hennard, Fleet Corvus)

Coyo Horner, Captain, Blessed Ignorance—This ill-fated commander of a Tyrant-class cruiser was killed—with the rest of his task force—while defending Hegira from the ork Kill Krooser, Da Butcha, commanded by Kaptin’ Stompafist. (Imperial Navy suffers diaster at Hegira)

Iosis Hypatos, captain, Spear of Argos—This officer was ambushed by ork warships in the Sculptor asteroid belt, where his ship was severely mauled and escaped only by hiding amidst the asteroids. (Orks ambush naval patrol in Sculptor asteroids)

Jallaque, admiral, Imperial Navy—Overall naval commander of the Crusade Fleet, launched in 742.M41, that was tasked with annihilating the Tau Empire. (Crusade fleet enters Timbra Sub-sector)

Tomas Logan, commander, Destroyer Squadron #1921 (“Red Squadron”)—Broadcast the first warning that the ork Kill Kroozer, Da Butcha, was heading toward Hegira. He and his squadron were destroyed in the subsequent naval battle. (Imperial Navy suffers diaster at Hegira)

Julius Marinus, captain, Task Force 7-A—Acting commander of task force after its mauling in the Elara System. (Mysterious xeno fleet attacks Imperial flotilla)

Andre Morpheous, commander, Patrol Group Beta 7—Captain of the Dauntless-class light cruiser Narcissus, Morpheous successfully destroyed an ork warship in the Sculptor System. (Imperial warships clash with Kill Kroozer)

 Nicolas Quiéret, captain, Golden Drake—Commanding a Luner-class cruiser in the Vorta System, Quiéret successful fought off a dozen Necron Jackals that attacked. (Necrons ambush Imperial cruiser)

Gaius Regulus, commodore, Task Force 7-A—Commander of task force that suffered major defeat in Elara System. (Mysterious xeno fleet attacks Imperial flotilla)

Marcus Speakeman, captain, Fleet Corvus—Long-suffering intelligence officer for Commodore Hennard. (A new Tau invasion: Assault on Yaisdra IX)

Jamis Tachhorn, captain, Adamantum Will—First Imperial Navy office on the scene after an asteroid devastated Daxim III. (The Burning of Daxim III)

Emil Thuy, lieutenant, Fleet Corvus—An Imperial Navy fighter pilot, assigned to a Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter. Credited with shooting down the ork flying act, Fast Eddy Rikken Orker. (Ork fying ace shot down outside Susa City)

Jamol Wythe, captain, Nguyen Naval Base—Serves as public liaison for the Imperial Navy on Belliose III. (Rumors of the Underhive, 6 725 741.M41)


Otto Canella, governor of Belliose III—Most famous for his annual Governor’s Ball, which is the most prestigious social event of the year. (Names in the News—3 123 741.M41)

Aldros Cierza—mayor of a Mora, a small plantation on Dar Sai, Cierza attempted to surrender his community to the invading Tau to avoid a possible xeno attack. He was seized and executed by the Inquisition. (Inquisition strikes at Mora)

Hugo Fenring, founder of House Fenring, Morkai—Commander of a lost detachment of Imperial Knights, Fenring assumed leadership of the war-torn hive city of Charcharoth in M34. (Morkai: History of a dying world)

Justinian Hypatia, praetor (planetary governor), Dar Sai—Credited with responded quickly to Tau incursions to his world, in stark contrast to the inept government of Belzagor. (Dar Sai, second moon of Scupltor III)

Petrov Karlson, high mayor or Aruna—Karlson received a disturbing memo about the morale and living conditions of the citizens of the besieged city of Aruna on Dar Sai. (Civilians suffer as Tau advance on Port Aruna)

Valtyr Kech, arbitrator, Dar Sai—Took credit for the execution of the traitorous mayor of Mora because the Inquisition chose to hide its involvement. (Inquisition strikes at Mora)

Fabius Nemetorius—grand elector, Morkai. Senior Imperial official on the desert world of Morkai. (Morkai – Vengence System)

Orrick Pontius—justicar, Adeptus Arbites, Intelligence Service. First to identify xeno (Tau) effort to subvert Imperial authority on Balzagor in 732.M41. (Belzgor – Sculptor IV)

Jan Servass, senior arbitrator, Adeptus Arbites—This senor member of the Adeptus Arbites is assigned to the precinct house in the port city of Malifax on Dar Sai. He is searching for the traitor Lecia Athena, who now serves the Tau. (Rumors of the Underhive – 3 060 741.M41)

Albus Sundvar,  Arbites High Marshal, Morkai—Fighting valiantly against a growing rebellion on the desert world of Morkai, Sundvar was largely unknown until food riots erupted in the city of Volantis. (Food riots break out on Morkai)

Favious Syagrius, praetor (planetary governor), Hegira—This aged but respected Imperial servant has helped mobilize—and calm—the citizenry of Hegira in its war against the orks. Died of old age in 741.M41. (728th Cadian Regiment reinforces Hegira defenses)

Gregor Thule, governor, Belzagor—The Inquisition considers this corrupt aristocrat to be incompetent to the point of treason. (Belzabor – Sculptor IV)


Ortan Cassius—A chaplain of the Ultramarines, Cassius currently serves in the Deathwatch and commands an Aquila Kill Team. His presence in the Corvus Cluster is first revealed during an attack against xenos in the Sculptor System. (Deathwatch capture Tau leader on Dar Sai)

Liam Drax—Interrogator for Gideon Lock, inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. First mention for his involvement in a reconnaissance mission to Ungolath, a mutant-held city on Morkai. (Inquisition investigates Haruspex cult)

Adonai Drusus—An acolyte to Inquisitor Serillian. Drusus often is used as an independent investigator by his superior. In 735.M41, he led the mission to seize the Aldros Cierza, an imperial official on Dar Sai who turned traitor. (Inquisition strikes at Mora)

Gideon Locke, inquisitor—A member of the Ordo Hereticus, Locke was last seen on the desert world of Morkai during an investigation of rebellious mutants. (Shorehammer Report: Cult of the Haruspex)

Sergeant Maêl Basione—Commander of Inquisitorial stormtroopers serving the Ordo Hereticus. Last known to be working with Inquisitor Locke. (Shorehammer Report: Cult of the Haruspex)

Sergeant Noguru—An Inquisitorial stormtrooper this female agent of Lady Serillian was dispatched to Dozaria with Jason Scarn to rescue a Runepriest, as well as keep an eye on Scarn himself. (Underhive fight: A Jason Scarn Adventure)

Jason Scarn—A brutish, cold-hearted, but talented bounty hunter who has lately come to the attention of the Inquisition. (Bounty Hunter Jason Scarn)

Sandriel, Callidus assassin—An operative of Inquisitor Threnton who scouted the Burning Frontier and was martyred on a mission to the Chaos-held world of Varrenshall. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Lady Georgene Serillian, inquisitor—A member of the Ordo Xenos, Serillian remains a mysterious but fiercely loyal defender of the Imperium. [Lady Serillian]

Primus Szar, astropath—An Imperial-sanctioned psyker who serves the Inquisition. (Chaos Warlock Voloh Gudag)

Aldus Threnton, Lord Inquisitor—Little is known of Threnton. Presumably a member of the Ordos Hereticus, Threnton has focused his attention on the Chaos threats of the Burning Frontier. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Elam Vaarak, Inquisition, Ordo Hereticus—This Inquisitor first came to public attention during military operations to suppress an outbreak of the Kassig Plague. (Inquisitor Vaarak)

Sophia Zaralle, initiate, Ordo Hereticus—Responsible for gathering intelligence of heretical activity in the northwest quadrant of the Corvus Custer. (Dark Mechanicum seizes Mechanicus vessel)


Marcus Adalardo, captain, 4th company—Disappeared with his company and the Battle Barge, The Emperor Defiant, as it chased the traitor Voloh Gudag into the dreaded Jericho Reach in 387.M41. (Chaos Warlock Voloh Gudag)

Brother Adrien, 4th Company—Recaptured stolen Imperial data from Tau. Lone survivor of his tactical squad. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep, Part II)

Brother-Sergeant Clodio Basina, 4th Company—Commander of Squad Basina who led 4th Company at Barad Mine after senior commanders are injured and out of action. (Knights of Altair driven from Barad Mine)

Captain Rafael Belloch, 3rd Company—Last reported leading his company in the defense of the plague-cursed world of Dozaria. (Space Marines battle heretics on Dozaria)

Dreadnought Boras—A venerable dreadnought and great hero of the Imperium, Boras recently was roused from his slumbers to serve the 4th Company. (Dreadnought Boras deploys to 4th Company)

Brother-Sergeant Cottus, 4th Company—Commanded tactical squads on Dar Sai. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep, Part II)

IoculusBrother-Sergeant Foix, 4th Company—Predator tank commander who fought outside port city of Pradeep on Dar Sai. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep)

Brother-Sergeant Julius Folkert, 10th Company—First reported leading a scout squad on the plague-cursed world of Dozaria. (Space Marines battle heretics on Dozaria)

Brother-Chaplain Arzen Gabriel—Highly respected for his ferocity, Gabriel is famous for his slaughter of traitor Astartes during the war on Dozaria. (Death Guard repulsed on Dozaria)

Brother-Librarian Aelius Galan, 4th Company—Led a raid against ork invaders on the moon of Hegira. (Knights of Altair raid Veris Island)

Captain Alaric Galba, 1st Company—Led a raid that may have saved Dozaria from daemon infestation. (Heroes of the Knights of Altair)

Brother Apothecary Simeon Gauthier, 4th Company—Bolstered the attack of Squad Quintas during the assault on the Decora Mining Base. (Astartes retake mining base in Sculptor System)

Brother-Sergeant Gulterus, 4th Company—Commander of Squad Gulterus. Lost in action with entire squad during battle for Barad Mine. (Knights of Altair driven from Barad Mine)

High Marshal Adrias Ioculus—A brilliant but stern Chapter Master, Ioculus has led the Knights of Altair to victory after victory. (High Marshal Adrias Ioculus)

Marius Nevarre, captain, 4th Company—The commander of a newly reformed 4th Company, Nevarre is the living embodiment of all that is admirable in the Astartes. Yet the exterminatus of an Imperial world lies heavy upon his conscience. (Captain Marius Nevarre of the Knights of Altair)

Chaplain Allyr Numa, 5th Company—An experienced and highly respected leader, Chaplain Numa recently has been assigned to serve as an advisor for the newly commissioned captain of the 5th Company. (Tau rebuff attack by Imperial Crusade)

Brother Octave, brother,  4th Company—Driver of Predator tank, who fought under Brother-Sergeant Foix on Dar Sai. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep)

Master of the Forge Guiot Odinet—The highest-ranking and most talented Techmarine in the Knights of Altair. (Heroes of the Knights of Altair)

Brother-Sergeant Quintas, Squad Quintas, 4th Company—Supported an Inquisition mission against Tau diplomats at the Mora plantation on Dar Sai. (Inquisition strikes at Mora)

Brother-Sergeant Miric Salias, 4th Company—Commanding a Predator tank on the world of Dozaria. (Death Guard repulsed on Dozaria)

Brother-Chaplain Arnaud Sévin, 4th Company—Led an assault outside Pradeep that landed in front of Tau firing line. Almost entire squad fell to enemy fire. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep, Part II)

Brother-Apothecary Antonie Strosius, 3rd Company—First referenced during war against Death Guard on Dozaria. (Space Marines battle heretics on Dozaria)

Brother-Sergeant Karael Taridon, 4th Company—Commands a small squad of scouts on the moon of Hegira. (Ork warband attacks Space Marine camp in Hegira ruins)

Brother-Chaplain Yves Tauran, 3rd Company—Led the attack on a key refinery on the Chaos-invaded world of Dozaria. (Knghts of Altair seize refinery on Dozaria)

Brother-Sergeant Hugon Titus, 1st Company—Commander of a Sternguard squad, Titus served nobly during the campaign against the Necrons. (Knights of Altair offensive drives back Necrons)

Brother Goro Turrius, 1st Company—A Vanguard Veteran serving on Dozaria. (Death Guard repulsed on Dozaria)

Brother-Sergeant Varran, 1st Company—A distinguished veteran Knight, Varran was killed by the Death Guard on Dozaria. (Death Guard repulsed on Dozaria)

Brother-Sergeant Valerus—His story was the introductory article of this narrative campaign. Valerus was a hot-tempered Space Marine whose pride led to his downfall. (The lament of Brother-Sergeant Velerus)

Brother-Chaplain Gèrves Valquelin—An unorthodox but popular chaplain last know serving on the Necron-invaded world of Tophet. (Heroes of the Knights of Altair)

Captain Martel Vivant, 5th Company—Recently promoted captain, Vivant has made some early tactical mistakes in command, notably during the campaign against the Tau on Namatos. (Tau rebuff attack by Imperial Crusade)


The Haruspex—A charismatic mutant who seized control of the ruins of Ungoloth, an abandoned hive city on Morkai, and led his followers in the Mutant War of 412.M41. (Morkai: History of a dying world)

Chakir Suleiman, warlord, Forces of the Haruspex—Led mutant forces that repulsed an Imperial attack on the Nisa Ruins on Morkai. (Mutants drive Imperial troops from Nisa Ruins)

Witch Queen—A victim of the Kassig Plague, the Witch Queen was the leader of a dangerous cult on the Shrine World of Celestius. She was executed by Inquisitor Georgene Serillian. (Lady Serillian vs. the Witch Queen)

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