Who’s Who – Page 3 (Necrons to Vorpal Swords)


Aubastet—Cryptek, servant of Agumanzu of the Dryillian Regency. Fought in the unsuccessful campaign to retake Tophet from the Imperium. (The bitter taste of defeat)

Agamunzu—Overlord of the Dryillian Regency. (Astartes smash Necron army on Tophet)

Rohotep—Lord of Tophet and vassal of the Dryillian Regency. (Necron forces advance on Tophet)


Doomacka, freeboota, Al’gel System—Commander of Da Pounda, a Kill Kroozer, Doomacka recruited a number of ork ships to ambush a Tau task force near Al’gel V. (Tau and ork shops clash at asteroid KV-9)

Grozgok, chieftain—Chief of a savage and primitive ork tribe on Hegira that’s noted for painting themselves blue. He is negotiating with Rumlar to join the warlord’s budding Waaagh! (Inquisition captures ork warlord on Hegira)

Oguban, Hegira—Along with Kuzak, an ork warrior who is the first to spot the orbital drop of ork reinforcements to Hegria, delivered by Kaptin Stumpafist. (Company’s Coming)

Skarug Graverippah, warboss, Hegira—A tactically astute (some would say cowardly) warboss who lost the Second Battle of the Tarak Mines. His name came about as Skarug always seems to survive a battle—no matter how many times he gets “killed.” (Guard retakes Tarak Mines in fast fight)

Vuzazh Greaseguzla, mekboy, Hegira—A member of the Blood Axe tribe, Greaseguzla led the successful defense of the Iron Spires after the Imperium pushed back the orks from Susa City. He is now the go-to guy when Da Sarge needs something done. (Unmentioned in blog but still official.)

Kaptin’ Rumlar Grimrekkah, leader of a potential ork WAAAGH!—The most notorious “celebrity” of the Corvus Cluster, this Blood Moon warlord has turned the moon of Hegira into a bloody warzone that has cost the lives of millions. (Ork Freebooterz – The Kaptin)

Klawtoof, warboss, Al’gel II—Ork warboss who was defeated by the 3rd Hunter Cadre during the Tau-Ork war in the An’gel System. Deceased. (Tau firing line slaughters orks on An’gel II)

Kuzak, Hegira—Companion to Oguban, a younger ork who has picked up the odd habit of saluting, a gesture he picked up from observing human opponents. (Company’s Coming)

Fast Eddy Rikken Orker, ace pilot, Hegira—The “best” ork flier on Hegira, as Rikken Orker has only been shot down twice. His boast: “Hey, when I crash, I get back in the air. Those other bums just die.” (Imperial advance stalls in Iron Spires)

Da Sarge, warboss, Hegira—One of the more cunning ork warbosses on Hegira, he is often sent by Rumlar to command the toughest battles. (Orks take Iron Spires in fourth battle)

Shmitty, mekboy, Hegira—The most “talented” mekboy working for Rumlar, Shmitty has a talent for distracting his overlord, who is quick to squash underlings who fail him. He is a Blood Moon like Rumlar, but he is working with Greaseguzla to fleece Rumlar for every tooth they can. (Rumlar has a talk with Shmitty the Mek)

Kaptin’ Stompafist

Slapdash—The grot orderly for Rumlar, ‘Dash has a unique talent for survival, always managing to be somewhere else when bad news must be delivered. (Rumlar has a talk with Shmitty the Mek)

Kaptin’ Stompafist—One of the saddest disappointments of this campaign was the Admiral Nelson-like death of this great ork space captain, who was killed on his bridge as he defeated an entire Imperial Navy task force with but a single Kill Kroozer. (Ork Kaptin’ Stompafist)


Davide Abadi, colonel, Hegira PDF—Commander of the Topac Military District, Abadi defends the last major industrial facility on the war-torn moon of Hegira. (Orks press Imperial lines near Topac Manufactorum)

Tomas Bradan, corporal, 23rd Pradeep Militia. The sole survivor of a failed ambush on the Tau vanguard as they marched on Maltai. After a nightmarish escape through enemy territory, he was executed by firing squad for fleeing in the face of the enemy. (Dar Sai: Tau march on Malati)

Sergio Calius, captain, Hegria PDF—After two battlefield defeats that allowed the orks to capture Veris Island, Calius was shot by Commissar-Major Rael Dracus as a lesson to the PDF that retreat was not an option. (The fall of Veris Island)

Marc Dekker, lieutenant, commander of Mission Team Alpha Six—Led a special-ops team on a successful mission to storm an enemy-held gate and allow Imperial troops to enter a rebel-held city without storming the walls. (Special ops team recaptures Morkai city)

Rael Dracos, commissar-major, Hegira PDF HQ—A charismatic Imperial Guard commissar sent on temporary assignment to bolster the morale of the Hegira PDF. One way to “bolster” the PDF’s fighting spirit was to shoot Captain Sergio Calius after the loss of Veris Island. (Commissar-Major Rael Dracos)

Oriel Drustan, lieutenant, 23rd Pradeep Militia—As leader of a small detachment of PDF, he attempted to ambush the vanguard of the Tau in the western forests of Dar Sai. Killed in the battle, he was named a Hero of Dar Sai. (Dar Sai: Tau march on Malati)

Azrael Gann, major, 18th Dar Sai PDF—Major Gann commanded a small detachment of Dar Sai PDF that successfully repulsed a Tau attack on the Sandeep Plains. (Imperial Guard defeat Tau at Sandeep Plains)

Buchard Godeke, captain, Dar Sai Militia—Commander of the 8th Armored Company, Godeke described the “shriek” of a Tau railgun. (Tau break Imperial line north of Aruna – Part 2)

Jameh Hallaq, sergeant, 2nd House Guard—A soldier of House Fenring, Hallaq led a successful reconnaissance mission that uncovered a dangerous mutant spy ring. (Troops clash with mutants in abandoned Morkai Village)

 Murad Hamzah, lieutenant colonel, Morkai—Commander of the 17th Battalion of the 4th Battalion, Morkai Planetary Defense Force (PDF). Led failed assault on the Nisa Ruins in the Thar Desert Basin. Killed in the Battle of the Farik Pillars. (Lt. Colonel Murad Hamzah (Deceased).

Paullus Karalis, captain, Third Battalion, 112th Regiment, Hegira PDF—Bewildered by the tactical challenges of urban combat, this commander led his battalion to a catastrophic defeat on the outskirts of the Barad Mine. (Hegira PDF slaughtered at Barad Mine)

Hagan Kirkeby, general—Supreme commander of the Planetary Defense Force (PDF) on Dozaria. (History of the Dozaria Campaign – Part 3)

Tegan Markes, lieutenant—Commander of the 3rd Platoon, 2nd Company—an element of the 2nd Volana PDF Regiment —who clashed with the Blood Wolves in Volana’s Manufactorum 17-87. (Blood Wolves raid Volana manufactorum)

Dyas Morgan, veteran guardsman, Mission Team Alpha-Six—recommended for a commendation for his role in retaking a rebel-held town on Mortaki, specifically his suggestion to use grappel hooks to outflak the enemy during an assault on a blockhouse. (Special ops team recaptures Morkai city)

Mael Nuallano, commissar-colonel, Hegira PDF, Supreme HQ. Interrogated Commissar-Major Rael Dracos after the loss of Veris Island on Hegira. (The Fall of Veris Island)

Indigo Octavius, sergeant—Known for an inspiring quote while serving with the 17th Tophet Militia Regiment. (Necron forces advance on Tophet – Part 2)

Andre Paulo, colonel, Dar Sai Militia—As Kroot warriors attacked the Tokai plantation on Dar Sai, this brave warrior commanded the delaying action that allowed civilians to evacuate to safety. (Dar Sai: Tau march on Malati)

Dale Serios, colonel, Hegira PDF—After unsuccessfully defending the Tarak Mines, this officer led a valiant and suicidal reargard action to allow his shattered command to escape. Died in action. (Tarak Mines lost to massive ork attack)

Marlet Styr, sergeant, Mission Team Alpha-Six—Commanded the 2nd squad of Alpha-Six and led the assault on one of two enemy-held blockhouses during a special-ops mission on Morkai.  (Special ops team recaptures Morkai city)

Bashar Tlass, commissar, House Fenring—Observed the fighting at an abandoned Morkai village against mutant rebels. (Troops clash with mutants in abandoned Morkai Village)

Tiberius Vectrix, general, Hegira Planetary Defense Force—As supreme commander of all Imperial forces on the moon of Hegria, Vectrix has overseen the desperate struggle to defeat the ork invasion. (Border Clash on Veris Island)

Marcus Villiers, lieutenant, Hegira PDF. Author of the first known military analysis of the emerging ork warlord, Kaptin’ Rumlar. (The Kaptin (Part II) Rumlar Grimrekkah)

Karim Zamani, sergeant, 17th Battalion, 4th Regiment, Morkai—Killed fighting a mutant warlord during the battle for the Nisa Ruins.(Mutants drive Imperial troops from Nisa Ruins)


Mordax Ahaus, psyker—A 500-year-old psyker, confined to an anti-gravity life-suppot unit, is an important companion to Rogue Trader Adeon Drake. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)

Oriol Belisarius, Imperial-sanctioned navigator—A childhood friend of Adeon Drake, Belisarius is a representative of an ancient and proud Navigator House on Holy Terra. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)

Laana Castronova, consort—A young aristocrat who fled an arranged marriage to become consort to Adeon Drake. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)

Adeon Drake, rogue trader—A likable if somewhat quick-to-shoot scamp who gets into all kinds of troublesome adventures for fun and profit. He recently woke up the Necrons on Stigmata, a misadventure that may come back to haunt him. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)

Johaan Feracci, count, Belliose III—A powerful but decadent nobleman and arch-rival to Adeon Drake, Feracci is doomed man by the attentions of a consort who secretly is a daemon of Slannesh. (Rogue Trader Count Johaan Feracci)

Mattaus Feracci, count, Belliose III—A powerful aristocrat who was killed by a jokaero death spider. Possibly murdered by his son, Johaan, who inherited a vast merchant fleet. (Rogue Trader Count Johaan Feracci)

Maximo Florton, Rogue Trader—Discovered a safe route through the Warp to the Varrenshall Subsector, long isolated from the Imperium by the Heart of Darkness. His discovery of Chaos activity in the region instigated an Imperial crusade. (The Burning Frontier: Setting the Stage)

Torina Hollarn, consort—Also, technically a consort of Adeon Drake, Hallarn actually serves Drake as a trade negotiator. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)

Harlen Leopold, deceased—“Uncle” Leopold was the beloved guardian of Adeon Drake who upon his death bequeathed his merchant ship to his young ward. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)

Titus Marbray, seneschal to Adeon Drake—This former Imperial Guard officer handles the administrative side of Drake’s trading business and serves as a body guard. (Rogue Trader Adeon Drake)


Lokaar Fell-Hand, Great Wolf—Commander of an unknown-sized contingent of Space Wolves that are operating in the Corvus Cluster for unknown reasons. (Space Wolves raid Tau on Gallus)

Vaer Grimblood, Squad Valdar—Second in command in Brother-Sergeant Torrin Valdar’s squad, which raided Media III. (Space Wolves raid xeno base on Media III)

Brother-Sergeant Egil Haldur—Led a raid on the heretic-held town of Mizoram on the world of Dozaria. (Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria)

Hammond Signe, Squad Haldur—Space Wolfe serving under Brother-Sergeant Egil Haldur. (Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria)

Frode Sigvald, Long Fang—Commanded a Rhino during the raid on Dozarian town of Mizoram. (Space Marines raid heretic-held town on Dozaria)

Gunnar Stormbrow, Wolf Scout—Conducted reconnaissance mission of Tau military installation on Media III. (A grizzled Wolf keeps watch on the Tau)

Torrin Valdar, brother-sergeant—Commanded the raid on the Tau base on Media III. (Space Wolves raid xeno base on Media III)


Aun’qa’dira, ethereal—Senior-ranking Ethereal on Dar Sai, the Tau leader was captured by Kill Team Cassius of the Deathwatch. (Deathwatch captures Tau Ethereal on Dar Sai)

Aun’el Mor’kan Tal’is’ta, ethereal—A historian of the Dal’yth Sept, who wrote “The complete History of the Al’gen Campaign.” Dies in 776.M41. (Tau crush ork fleet in Al’gel System)

Commander Bloodsword, commander, Al’gel II—Prodigy of the famed Commander Puretide, Bloodsword leads the Tau invasion force on Al’gel II. (Tau invasion of Al’gel II meets fierce opposition)

Commander Lok’Ta, commander Al’gel II—Commander of the 3rd Hunter Cadre on Al’gel II. (Tau firing line slaughters orks on Al’gel II)

Kor’el Dal-ta’ai, naval captain—Distinguished Tau naval officer who killed when his ship, The Greater Good, was destroyed in battle against the Imperial Navy near the moon of Dar Sai. (Tau naval captain: Kor’el Dal-ta’ai)

Kor’el Ka’mais Dia’osh, captain of the Na’san, a Kir’qath (Defender)-class starship and acting commander of Mak’ta (Task Force) Dia’osh. (Tau seize Decora Mining Base in Scupltor System)

Pol’te Fa’hir, commander, Flotilla New Hope—Ordered to bring six prototype, next-generation warships for combat testing in the Al’gel System, Fa’hir lost two invaluable cruisers almost immediately to an ork ambush. (Ork warships smash Tau naval flotilla in Al’gel System)

Admiral Lightning, naval commander—A veteran officer who recently won a great victory over an ork fleet orbiting Al’gel II. (Tau crush ork fleet in Al’gel System)

Warhammer 40K blog

Commander Swiftstrike

Shas’el Ko’vash, subcommander, Al’Gel II—Commanded Hunter Cadre IV during the massive ork attack led by the warlord “Greenclaw.” Dismissed at end of battle and reassigned to the Yaisdra Campaign. (Shas’el Ko’vash)

Shas’O Kes’Ath, subcommander, Dar Sai—The Tau officer who commanded the first Tau attack on the port city of Maltai. He was repulsed, and Comander Swiftstrike took command. (First Battle of Malati)

Shas’ui Alan’da N’tok, Piranha squadron commander—Led flank attack in battle outside Pradeep. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep)

Shaper Orek—Kroot leader who wiped out squad of Space Marines outside Pradeep. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep, Part 2)

Shas’ui R’Myr—Pathfinder commander on Dar Sai (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep)

Commander Swiftstrike, commander, Dar Sai—Currently trapped on Dar Sai, this talented warrior is seeking to defeat Imperial troops despite the fact that his supply lines have been severed. (Shash’el Tash’var Jax’nesh – Commander Swiftstrike)

Captain A’leve Tah’chek, captain of the Toh’sa—Assumed dead after his Lar’shi’vre-class cruiser was boarded and captured in the Al’gel System. (Ork warships smash Tau naval flotilla in Al’gel System)

Commander Tō’kra—Also known as the “Dark Tau,” Tō’kra is a brooding and ferocious warrior who pilots a Riptide. In 738.M41, he landed on the moon of Dar Sai. (Commander Tō’kra: The Dark Tau)

Shas’ui Vurael—Deceased commander of Tau Breach Team on Dar Sai. Entire squad wiped out by Space Marines. (Space Marines stop Tau attack at Pradeep, Part II)


Eusebius Dervan, captain, 3rd Company—Dervan is second-in-command of what’s become known as the Mograin Crusade. (Vorpal Swords establish base in Burning Frontier)

Theron Mograin, captain, 4th Company—Mograin has been given command of the crusade to clear the Burning Frontier from xenos, heretics, and traitors. (Vorpal Swords establish base in Burning Frontier)

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