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Eldar ships patrol the binary star system, Orthrus, at the edge of the Heart of Darkness. Why the xenos are interested in this massive Warp storm is unclear.

More Eldar spotted near Heart of Darkness

A growing number of Eldar ships have been spotted patrolling the Heart of Darkness to the galactic north of the Corvus Cluster.

It is unclear why the xenos are so interested in the Warp storm that has grown in recent years and engulfed numerous Imperial planets, say officials at the  Nguyen Naval Base in the Belliose System.

Yet, Eldar ships have been  routinely seen dangerously close to the Warp storm’s edge.

“Three Eldar war ships were spotted in the Orthrus System a few weeks ago, and two Imperial crusiers were ordered to intercept an Eldar vessel that entered the Dargav System,” said Captain Jamol Wythe, public liaison at the naval base.

In both incidents, the Eldar withdrew after being approached by Imperial Navy vessels.

“There is something about the Heart of Darkness that concerns the xenos,” Captain Wythe said. “And that’s reason enough for the Imperial Navy to be concerned.”

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This pict allegedly shows an Imperial assassin attacking a military patrol on the Tau-controlled world of Media III in the Sculptor System.

Leadership of Media III targeted by assassin

Is an Imperial assassin targeting traitor government officials on the Tau-controlled world of Media III in the Sculptor System?

At least five high-ranking officials on the planet, which declared independence from the Imperium and joined the Tau Empire in 732.M1, have been murdered in the past six weeks, according to Tau-sponsored news broadcasts picked up by long-range Imperial sensors.

A security pict recently was broadcast allegedly showing a sword-wielding women in a red bodyglove who attacked a military patrol loyal to the Tau-affiliated government.

Imperial authorities immediately dismissed the veracity of the pict, claiming it was a clumsy attempt at propaganda.

“Clearly the Media III government is concerned that its citizenry desperately wants to return to Imperial rule, and traitorous officials have created a boogeyman to frighten people and keep them under control,” suggested a senior official in the Administratum. “The Imperium would never stoop to conducting assassinations.”

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One of 2,000 Sisters of Battle who participated in the destruction of the rebellious shanty town known as Maggot’s Hovel.

Adeptus Sororitas destroy Maggot’s Hovel

A 2,000-strong suppression force of the Adepta Sororitas has attacked the shanty town of Maggot’s Hovel on the war-torn world of Dozaria. 

Warhammer 40K blog

Maggot’s Hovel before it was burned to the ground.

As many as 23,000 of the slum’s 100,000 residents were killed in two weeks of fighting before Administratum officials declared the slum town “Imperial Excisus” (Exterminated). Witnesses report the entire community was burned to the ground.

Civil unrest had long plagued Maggot’s Hovel, and Imperial officials were alarmed after Enforcers of the Adeptus Arbites—the feared law-enforcement arm of the Imperium—were targeted by armed citizens and forced to abandon the shanty town.

“We are fighting a world-wide war against a traitor army, and civil unrest and blatant opposition to the Imperial government will not be tolerated,” said one senior government leader. “Maggot’s Hovel is an example to all heretics and anarchists that disloyalty is a death sentence.”

It is rumored that the Order of the Valorous Heart was chosen to discipline the shanty town because of their merciless dedication to  rooting out spiritual corruption—and the fact they had recently arrived on Dozaria fully armed with flamers and a squadron of Immolaters, flamer-equipped tanks that are extremely effective in urban warfare and riot control.

Warhammer 40K blog

Dark Harbor is aptly named, as weather conditions routinely leave the port town veiled in fog and gray skies.

Serial killer stalks Myrna port town

The seaport shanty town of Dark Harbor, on the ocean world of Myrna, is in a state of panic. Every night for the past 75 days, a single resident has been found torn to pieces.

The Adeptus Arbites reportedly have made no progress in determining who—or what—is responsible for the deaths.

What is known is that the victims of these apparent murders are brutally slain—their bodies eviscerated, and their flesh torn to ribbons.

Nowhere appears safe in the community. Although many victims were killed on the streets, usually after dark, some unfortunate souls were found dead inside homes where the windows and doors were locked, and there were no apparent signs of forced entry.

Arbites officials say they have put all available sources into capturing this serial killer, and they say an arrest could occur at any time.

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  1. Do the rumours arise from games you have played (i.e. you don’t get up a battle report)? Or is it more linking events between battles?

    Myrna port town sounds like it’d be a pretty good short story arc for an inquisitor/dark heresy game.


  2. Rumors of the Underhive serves various purposes. It gives me a chance to hint at future “news” to come (an upcoming battle report or a new narrative twist to the campaign).

    Rumors also allow me to write some short background for the campaign and add some depth to the “history” of the Corvus Cluster. It’s just a bit of fun.

    Sometimes, I see a piece of art that inspires my imagination, and I get permission from an artist to use it as the basis for a story.

    Many of these rumors are just fun background, but as happens quite a lot, these little rumors can take on a life of their own. More than once, a rumor has been written, the possibilities spinning around my brain, and months later inspires a battle, a campaign, or a new character.

    Like real life, some rumors are just gossip . . . but some are of some importance.. Care to guess which is which? (I can’t. I’m just going to have to wait and see.)

    Thanks for asking.


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