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Names in the News (3 123 741.M41)

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People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” —Edmund Hillary, circa M2.

Jason Scarn captures notorious psyker

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Jason Scarn

The infamous bounty hunter Jason Scarn earned a 300,000-credit reward by delivering the notorious criminal Kaveah Halok to the Adeptus Arbites precinct house in the capital city of Brimlock.

An unsanctioned psyker, Halok was convicted in absentia for genetic impurities and failing to turn himself into authorities—thus posing a threat to the people of Brimlock as untrained psykers are at risk of daemonic possession.

Through his early teens, Halok is believed to have engaged in minor criminal offenses, but by his middle teens, he began lashing out at Imperial discrimination against psykers by using his psychic abilities to cause mayhem. After a shuttle pilot deliberately crashed a 10,000-ton cargo transport into the heart of the city of Tylok, Halok claimed responsibility for controlling the pilot’s actions.

Over the next decade, Halok engaged in a campaign of terror. He was responsible for the monorail crash of 738.M41, in which 2,400 commuters were killed in the suburbs of the capital city of Porthos. He also was responsible for the mass hysteria that gripped the city of Alazan, drove hundreds of citizens insane, and sparked riots that killed thousands.

Despite a massive manhunt, and the loss of two dozen Enforcers who’d confronted Halokover the years, Scarn managed to capture Halok alive by posing as a menial working in Tylok’s sewerage system, Imperial authorities say. Carefully monitoring the rumors of the lowest working class, Scarn followed various leads until he located his prey..

The capture of Halok was ridiculously uneventful, authorities say. Despite his formidable psychic powers, Halok proved just as vulnerable as anyone to the introduction of a tasteless anesthetic slipped into his food. Scarn showed up at princinct headquarters with the pysker thrown over his shoulder.

Lady Adriana scandalizes Governor’s Ball

Warhammer40K blog

Lady Adriana

The Lady Adriana, consort to Count Johann Feracci, created a sensation at the annual ball hosted by Belliose III Governor Otto Canella, drawing gasps of astonishment by appearing before nobility in a beautiful if revealing gown that offered support to repeated claims that the auburn-haired consort is the most beautiful woman in the Belliose System.

The Governor’s Annual Ball is the most exclusive social event of the year, and only the most prestigious in political, social, and military circles are invited. Since his father’s death, Count Feracci, as head of his aristocratic merchant house, has been a regular attendee. He has attended with Lady Adriana at his side in the past.

Attendees were shocked, however, when his consort appeared this year wearing a bright scarlet gown of diaphanous fabric that left little underneath to the imagination.

Although shocked by the brazenness of her attire, Lady Adriana beauty and charm quickly won over the majority of male attendees. Many noblewomen turned their back on the consort, taking umbrage at her audacious fashion choice.

One noblewoman took particular disapproval at her husband’s fascination with the consort’s attire. The angry wife slapped his face when he kissed Lady Adriana’s hand.

Hegira governor dies at age 173

Warhammer 40K blog

The artwork above is, in fact, titled “Meet the Governor.” Its use is courtesy of “Crowsrock” of See link at end of article to view more of his great work.

The respected Imperial governor of the war-torn moon of Hegira, Favious Syagrius, has died at the age of 173. Cause of death was reported as advanced cellular deterioration that inhibited the success of rejuvenation treatments (ie. old age).

For the past eight years, Gov. Syagrius has been a reassuring voice to the citizens of Hegira as they suffered  under an ork invasion that has conquered half their desert moon.

Indeed, generations of the moon’s populace—with the exception of the rare few who can acquire rejuv treatments— have only known Syagrius as their governor.

Imperial authorities are making an aggressive effort to pay homage to the late governor’s achievements. Government media has bombarded the populace with stories about the governor’s successful reign, no doubt in hopes of bolstering public morale at a time when ork armies are besieging Hegira’s capital city.

Meanwhile, out of the public’s eye, Sergius Technicus, the ranking forgemaster of the Adeptus Mechanicus on Hegira, is campaigning fiercely to assume the mantle of leadership.  His elevation is, it is rumored, opposed by  Imperial military commanders and senior members of the Adeptus Administratum.

Click here to link to more of the great artwork of Crowsrock at

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