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How many worlds exist within the Corvus Cluster? Well, tens of thousands, at least. so, don’t expect a comprehensive list to be published any time soon.

That said, the number of worlds mentioned in this blog over the past four years is impressive enough: 46.

Thirty-three of these worlds have been introduced since the last list of worlds was published two years ago, It’s long past due to update our catalog of this corner of the galaxy.

So where are all of these new worlds located? As you’ll see in the new, official Star Chart above, the location of most remain unclear. Indeed, only two worlds, Dryillian IV and Pendor, along with the Dryillian Quarantine Zone and Heart of Darkness, have been added to the campaign map.

The lack of definitive locations is deliberate. If someday we want a Tyranid fleet to invade Morkai, it might be inconvenient to explain why the xenos ignored Balar or Adydos III that’s also in the Tyranid’s path. Games Workshop knows this. Locking down all the “facts” of your fictional universe leaves you with flexibility.

More worlds will be included on the map in the future, as their relevance to the campaign (or more details hint at where they are). For now, though, the goal of this blog is to provide a catalog of all the planets and stellar details that have been recorded.

The following list does not include worlds previously introduced (see above link), and it does not include, for the most part, worlds or stellar phenomenon cited in recent articles but not formally a part of the Corvus Cluster. (Terra, for example) A few exceptions are clearly noted—and are included because their proximity is so relevant to the campaign

Most worlds have been mentioned only once or twice—usually as an entry in the “Rumors of the Underhive” series or as background information in various “historical texts” (ie. fluff) that’ve been published. But keeping track of these worlds is important, as the Corvus Cluster seeks to be encyclopedic in its recording of the history of this region of the galaxy.

Adydos III—This world has overthrown its Imperial government and installed a heretical “democracy.” The Imperium is organizing a punitive campaign to restore a more responsible government.

Alkylarn—Bounty hunter Jason Scarn wiped out a major crime syndicate on this world.

Balar—A frigid, mineral-poor planet that is far from any major shipping lanes. Although ostensibly under Imperial control, Balar is the world of origin for the Balar Slavers—and its government rumored to still have ties to the Slavers.

Basinlinopolis—A shrine world where the Balar Slavers met their match in a fight with the Order of the Bloody Rose. This Adeptus Soraritas order has an abbey on the planet.

Bengolarrea—A hive world plagued by a xeno cult known as the Cult of the Voidborn.

Calamitous—A forge world mentioned in a Rumors of the Underhive article. The leadership of the planet’s Adeptus Mechanicus was condemned for tecno-heresy for its study of xeno technology.

Celestius—A shrine world doomed by the landing of the Nurgle champion, Typhus, who wiped out an Adeptus Sororitas defensive force.

Dozaria—This industrial world, stricken by the Kassig Plague, is the scene of a horrific war between the Death Guard, Blood Angels, and Blood Ravens. Most recently, it was visited by bounty hunter Jason Scarn. (Underhive Fight: A Jason Scarn Adventure)

Druidia-description_edited-1Druidia—The closest moon of Sculptor III, Druidia is a quiet agri-world near the war-torn moon of Dar Sai, scene of a Tau invasion. A Tau raid on the moon recently alarmed Imperial authorities.

Dryillian IV—A planet in the vicinity of the Necron world, Stigmata, where the Inquisition encountered a Necron presence.

Etheria III—An uncolonized planet in the Etheria System, where a primitive species, the “Salza,” are slated for Imperial destruction. A campaign of genocide recently was cancelled because of more pressing military threats.

Hedera—An agri-world where cultists performed a heretical ceremony that opened a Warp rift and flooded the world with deamons.

Hyberia II—This world was overlooked in previous postings on stellar cartology. The Imperium and Tau Empire fought an unofficial war on this world, which is the site of the Lament of Brother-Sergeant Valerus.

Kamino—An agri-world where the Balar Slave leader, Marcius Orios, was brought to justice.

Kerberos—A cold, wind-swept planet of gray rock and snow, Kerebos was targeted by the Balar Slavers in early 737.M41.

Korbal—A backwater agri-world where Rogue Trader Adeon Drake rescued farmers enslaved by the infamous Balor Slavers.

Korhal—Another agri-world, where the populace was enslaved by the Balar Slavers for more than a century.

Lilarsus—An Eldar Mainden World. A Tau survey ship was fired upon when it approached the planet.

Metaluna—Two and a half billion Imperial citizens are at risk of freezing to death as the world enters a gaseous nebula. The nebula is limiting the amount of sunlight reaching Metaluna‘s surface, sending planetary temperatures plummeting.

Optera—More than 400,000 die or are enslaved during a joint Dark Eldar-Balar Slavers raid in 564.M41.

Pendor—A feral world to the galactic north of Belliose, Pender was engulfed by the Warp Storm known as the Heart of Darkness in late 737.M41.

Warhammer 40K blog

Pendor is destroyed after being engulfed by the Heart of Darkness, a growing Warp storm.

Polarian—The governor of this world is seized by the Inquisition for working in league with the sorcerer Voloh Gudag and Chaos cultists.

Prius—A corrupt nobleman from this world was selling information to the Tau.

Sanctia—Another shrine world that was the launching point of the ill-fated “Lost Pilgrimage.”

Stroggos—An outpost on this barren world goes silent, and the Inquisition discovers the outpost crew was killed by a Genestealer.

Strathos—A floating loft-city in the Kadai System. It was destroyed by the Word Bearers.

Talaara—Another world where Rogue Trader Adeon Drake rescues enslaved prisoners of Balar Slavers.

Toroth—A hive world and birthplace of bounty hunter Jason Scarn.

Tophet—Located somewhere in the quarantine zone around Stigmata, the planet has been out of communications with the rest of the Imperium since late 737.M41.

Unicron IX—On this world,, Voloh Gudag proclaims the “End Times” and introduces the Kassig Plague to the Corvus Cluster.

Watch Station Vigilia—Also known as Shadow Watch Station, this outpost of the Death Guard is headquarters for the Ordo Xenos in the Corvus Cluster.

Yaisdra Subsector—Not officially part of the Corvus Cluster, this neighboring subsector of the galaxy is the home of the British-based narrative campaign:  Assault on Yaisdra IX.

— TheGM

The Corvus Cluster is a Warhammer 40K blog documenting our gaming adventures in the fantastical sci-fi universe of Games Workshop.

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