Rumors of the Underhive (3 072 738.M41)

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Although long-range scans appear to show the destruction of Pendor, scholars familiar with the Warp say that survivors may exist … but their fate is worth than death.

Heart of Darkness claims world of Pendor

Warhammer 40K blogAnother expansion of the warp storm known as the Heart of Darkness has engulfed the feral world of Pendor.

Located to the galactic north of the Belliose System, on the border of the Corvus Cluster, the planet was a world notable for expansive savannas, high mountain ranges, and deep valleys.  Large horned beasts migrated the plains, hunted by razor-sharp-fanged predators and primitive human nomadic tribes.

Imperial sensors recorded a disturbance in the warp storm on 6 982 737.M41, and six days later, the coreward edge of the Heart of Darkness expanded more than 30 light years in a split second, its tumultuous warp energies sweeping over the planet like a terrestrial hurricane.

Scholars of the Immaterium say Pendor is lost to the Imperium, trapped in another dimension whose laws of physics are unrecognizable from our own galaxy’s. It’s possible, they say, the world no longer exists—or, worse, its human inhabitants now find themselves in a universe of madness where the world’s animals and plants, its inhabitants, , and even the planet itself will mutate in unthinkable and horrific ways.

“Let us pray to the Emperor that the people of Pendor died instantly,” one scholar said. “Otherwise, they now find themselves in Hell itself.”

Tau rebuffed from Eldar Maiden World

An Imperial frigate passing by the Eldar Maiden World of Lilarsus has reported that a Tau survey ship was fired upon as it entered orbit above the planet.

While Imperial authorities have yet to explain why they tolerate the xeno presence on Lilarsus, the Eldar have long claimed the world—and act violently to any unauthorized approach to the world.

It is not know if the Tau were aware of the Eldar presence or if they were attempting diplomatic contact. In any case, the Eldar fire was apparently a warning shot that the Tau took seriously. They withdrew immediately from the system.

Charcharoth prepares new assault on mutants

Warhammer 40K blog

Mutant warriors patrol the ruined streets of Ungoloth, the long-abandoned hive city of Morkai.

On the desert world of Morkai, the military forces of Charcharoth are preparing to launch a second assault on the mutant terrorists who have cut the lone caravan route to the city of Totallia.

Serving the heretical mutant sect, The Twisted Helix, hundreds of mutants seized a portion of the caravan route two months ago. Imperial authorities attempted to drive back the mutants but were Warhammer 40K blogrepulsed by unexpectedly strong resistance that included two armored vehicles and gene-augmented warriors.

Now better informed of the military threat posed by the mutants, a larger force of troops is being organized under the command of House Fenrimg—a force that will include Sentinels, Chimeras, and perhaps an Imperial Knight. Given that satellite scanners reveal the presence of fortifications along the caravan route, a tough battle is expected.

Count Feracci leads expedition to quarantined Prysmos?

Warhammer 40K blogThe patriarch of House Feracci, Count Johaan Feracci, has been granted a charter by Imperial authorities to explore the quarantined world of Prysmos, which recently exited a radioactive ion cloud that wiped out all human life on the planet in M36.

Although House Feracci has refused to discuss its intentions, some believe Coumt Feracci intends to lead an expedition that will search for Imperial technology that may have survived the millennia—and determine for Imperial authorities whether the planet is safe for resettlement.

It is likely that any resettlement will include a sizable investment by House Ferraci, possibly setting the stage for a powerful political role in the future of the planet. For now, however, the planet remains under quarantine to other Imperial citizens, and authorities warn of stern punishment for any who enter Prysmos space without authorization.

Knights of Altair gather on Hegira

Warhammer 40K blog

Captain Nevarre

A sizable force of the 4th Company of the Knights of Altair have deployed to Hegira, a hopeful sign that the Space Marine Chapter intends to take a more active role in the fight against the ork invaders of that world.

Captain Marius Nevarre was recently seen at the headquarters of Gen. Tiberius Vectrix, supreme commander of Hegira military forces, and it’s believed the two military heroes discussed the campaign against the xenos.

Several armored units, along with the ancient dreadnought, Brother Boras, recently were transported from Dar Sai to Hegira. Some rumors suggest an attack is planned against a manufacturing area where the orks are building Stompas, Titan-sized walkers that pose a serious threat.

Click here to see more of the great artwork of Fredrik Eriksson.

Artwork of exploding planet courtesy of NASA.

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