Rumors of the Underhive (3 402 738.M41)

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The alleged “final” pict communicated from Tophet before all communication with the Imperial world ceased.

Imperial world goes silent

Warhammer 40K blogImperial authorities are attempting to suppress news that there has been no communication with the industrial world of Tophet for nearly six months.

A lightly populated, industrialized world on the eastern (rimward) edge of the Corvus Cluster, not far from the Dryillian and Stigmata systems, Tophet is noted for abundant mineral resources, fertile agricultural regions, and a population of approximately 150 million.

Communication with Tophet has been limited for more than a year, ever since Imperial authorities closed the Dryillian shipping lanes for reasons still not officially explained. Rumors suggest naval and commercial ships were being attacked by unknown xenos.

Some of the most outrageous rumors suggest that Tophet has been invaded and its population slaughtered.

This alarmist rumor, which authorities are ruthlessly attempting to squash, stems from an alleged “final” communication from the planet’s astropathic choir. In this communication, a pict of a mysterious, skeletal xeno was included, along with the final words: “Death comes for all of us.”

Blood Ravens join fight on Dozaria

Warhammer 40K blog

One of the famed Blood Ravens who are battling cultists, traitors, and zombies on the plague-wracked world of Dozaria.

Two companies of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter have arrived on the disease-wracked world of Dozaria.

A fleet-based chapter with no home world, the Blood Ravens arrived on Dozaria in time to join the defense of the hive city of Onoma.

An attack of 200,000 cultists, traitors, and zombies threw themselves at the tall walls of the hive city. The attack was preceded by thousands of Plague Flies and a cloud of spores that carried the dreaded Kassig Plague.

Despite donning protective gear and gas masks, thousands of Imperial Guard and PDF troops succumbed to the plague. As their bodies quickly succumbed to disease, they began to turn violently on their comrades.

Thankfully, the rebel attack did not begin immediately, allowing the defenders—ably supported by the Blood Ravens—to kill the inflicted in fierce hand-to-hand combat before the city walls were assailed.

With order returned, the surviving defenders managed to hold off the rebels’ attack.

Retribution-class battleship joins sector fleet

Warhammer 40K blog

Imperial data pict of the Retribution-class battleship deployed to the Corvus Cluster.

One of the most powerful warships in the Imperial fleet has been deployed in the Corvus Cluster—a Retribution-class battleship named Covenant of Hope.

One of the oldest patterns of battleship in the Imperial Navy, the Retribution class boasts powerful gun batteries, including a dorsal Lance battery, as well as a formidable number of torpedo tubes. These mighty warships are approximately eight kilometers in length and carry a crew of 25,000 to 30,000 men.

Although these battleships have excellent long-range firepower, they are designed for close-in fighting, unleashing devastating broadsides at close range.

Over the centuries, the Covenant of Hope had been assigned to various battlefleets in the Ultima Segmentum, most recently with Battlefleet Stygies. According to naval authorities, the battleship was transferred to Battlefleet Bellious due to increased xeno threats.

The Covenant of Hope will serve as the new flagship of Admiral Hansu Dinoloa, senior naval commander in the Corvus Cluster and admiral-in-command of Battlefleet Belliose.

Genocide delayed for newly discovered xenos


The Salza are a primitive if violent species with a Stone Age level of technology.

Due to more pressing military threats, the Astra Militarum has announced that it is delaying the planned extermination of a new xeno species found in the Etheria System.

Rogue Traders reported the discovery of the reptilian species, which they named the “Salza,” nearly 30 years ago during a routine survey of the outlying system. The Salza have been described as semi-sentient, with a Stone Age-era level of technology.

Imperial policy is to exterminate all xenos from the galaxy. Given the minimal threat of the Salza, however, the Administration and Imperial military agreed soon after the xenos’ discovery that more pressing military threats warranted a delay in the destruction of the species.

The fertile ecosystem of the Salza’s home world, Etheria III, did not go unnoticed, however, and in 729.M41, the Administratum requested the world finally be cleansed of xeno filth so the planet could be turned into an agri-world. The campaign of genocide was scheduled for 740.M41.

The recent increase in civil unrest, as well as rising threats from orks, Tau, and the still-mysterious xenos of the Dryilian shipping lanes have stretched Imperial military forces even more than three decades ago. So, the Administratum and Imperial Guard, in consultation with the Imperial Navy, have decided to cancel the planned campaign and allow the Salza to continue their primitive existence until further notice.

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