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Assault on Yaisdra IX—a fellow gamer’s campaign

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The exploits of the highly honored 22nd Vostroyans have spread even into the backwaters of the Corvus Cluster.

I’ve been a fan of the 22nd Vostroyand Royal Rifle Regiment, a Warhammer 40K blog, for some time, and I was intrigued when its author, Chris, announced a new campaign: Assault on Yaisdra IX.

The basic premise of his campaign is a Tau invasion of the Yaisdra Subsector, and although the campaign is new, Chris has incorporated a number of battle reports, scenarios, photos, and background fluff that is exactly what The Gaffer and I want to see in the Corvus Cluster.

Warhammer 40K blog

Tau and Imperial Guard face off during the initial stages of the xeno attack on Yaisdra IX. The colorful “title” art introduces the battle report on Chris’ blog, and, I think, it adds a cool “attitude” to the site.

So I recently sent Chris a note, expressing my excitement at his early work on the campaign, as well as my jealously at some of his creativity.

I also was bold enough to suggest some cross-fertilization between our hobby activities. I’ve long hoped to recruit fellow hobbyists to help in the development of the Corvus Clusters.

In the back of my mind, I suppose, was the idea that someone might play a game that influences events in our campaign—or they might run a mini-campaign (entirely separate from what the Gaffer and I are doing), but its events could be incorporated into the history of our corner of the galaxy.

Anyway, what I suggested was that Chris and I look for a way to link our campaigns. As his was set 300 years ahead of the Cluster’s 736.M41 date, I assumed we’d try to connect in one of Chris’ future campaigns—or some event in the Corvus Cluster could be a bit of “history” in his current campaign.

Warhammer 40K blog

To say that I am inspired by this kind of creativity is an understatement. I hope one day to see more of this quality of work in the Corvus Cluster.

Well, Chris was not only open to the idea, he took action and tweaked the dates of his current campaign so both campaigns are now set in 736.M41. How cool is that!

How extensive a partnership we’ll have is a matter of time, interest, and mutual goals. Right now, I’m assuming that the Yaisdra Subsector is an adjacent, but separate, corner of space. Yet, it’s somewhere on the “fringes” of the Corvus Cluster, suggesting a connection but leaving the details to the future. That’s actually how much of this campaign has gone: As I’ve written before, this campaign has taken on a life of its own, and it’s gone in directions I never imagined. So I don’t see that changing.

But I wanted to let folks know about the Assault on Yaisdra IX (CLICK HERE for campaign website), a military action that may have unforeseen consequences on the Corvus Cluster. I also encourage you to visit the 22nd Vostroyan Royal Rifle Regiment blog (CLICK HERE).

Both are also listed in our Blogroll.

I point you in particular to his photos, scenarios, and Imperial and Tau propaganda (example above) that I think are particularly fine.

So stay tuned. I’ve written a short bit of fiction that will soon introduce the ominous events happening on the fringes of the Corvus Cluster, on some half-forgotten world known as Yaisdra IX. Let’s see where this all leads!—TheGM

ART CREDIT: All photos and artwork in this article is courtesy of Chris at the sites linked above.

The Corvus Cluster is the Warhammer 40K blog documenting our wargaming adventures in the sci-fi universe of Games Workshop.


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