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Regno Borealis: Silver for Monsters

Regno Borealis, a medieval world recently emerged from the warp, teems with Monsters transported to the planet by arcane means. Inquisition teams suspect that an alignment of certain planets and stars opens ancient webway portals allowing beings and monsters to translate onto the planet. The so-called Witchers are […]

Commissar-Major Dracos awarded Medusan Laureate

A commissar of the 728th Cadian Regiment has been awarded the Medusan Laureate for his leadership in preventing an ork breakthrough in a recent battle in the Achaeon Suburbs of Hegira’s capital city. Major-Commissar Rael Dracos was presented his prestigious award at a ceremony last night. His medal […]

Al’gel I falls to Tau Empire

“With control of the largest continent on Al’gel II, Commander Broadword saw an opportunity to expand military operations beyond the planet. Thus he turned his eye to the desert world of Al’gel I.“—“The Complete History of the Al’gel Campaign” by Aun’el Mor’kan Tal’is’ta, Ethereal caste, Dal’yth Sept, (689-776.M41). […]

War Zones: Dozaria Update 6 890 742.M41

In the five years since the invasion of Dozaria, the Death Guard and its heretical allies have slowly but steadily expanded their control over the industrial world. At the beginning of 741.M41, these warp-tainted traitors had conquered nearly one-fifth of the planet. Yet the tide appears to have […]

The Time Before Time

The Old Ones were an ancient, space-faring race who had an advanced civilization before the development of the Young Races in the current age. They are notable for being the first of all the galaxy’s sentient life as well as being the first race to cross the sea of stars, […]

Medieval World: Regno Borealis

A μ-class, feudal world or medieval world is a classification of world existing in a technologically medieval state. The most advanced such worlds possess black powder weaponry. The tithes from these planets are slightly more than those of Feral Worlds (generally from Solutio Prima to Solutio Extremis), thanks to the development of agriculture. A feudal world typically has […]