Company’s Coming

Oguban looked up at the flashes high in the sky. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say dat was a battle goin’ on up der,” he said to no one in particular.

“Sah!, beggin yer pardon Sir!”

Oguban peered at the yoof snappin to atenshun in front of him. Kuzak would make a fine warrior except for all the polishing and saluting he has a habit of doing. Looks like he might fit in better wif one of the stormboyz mobs that have been cropping up lately. The fightin’ with those Cadians has been good lately and it’s only natural some of the younger ones will pick up what they see around them in battle. Well, maybe he’ll grow out of it, but I’ll have to speak with ‘ole ‘Spit and Polish’ hisself and see if he’ll take this one.

“What’s yer malfunction Kuzak? Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“Sorry sir, was just wondering if I could ask you a question, sir. What are those clouds up over there? I’ve nevah seen clouds before and these are moving fast like. Seems like they’re shaped like arrers.”

Oguban turned around, and looked behind him and up above the horizon. “Well look at dat will ya? Kuzak, warm the trukk and get the mob mounted up!”

Oguban was mildly excited. He hadn’t seen drop pods in quite a while. This could mean a fight with some of dem Space Marines but something was telling him it wasn’t them. No, this felt like more Orks from another mob. A mob with a Ship! Either way, it would be a good fight!

“What’s wrong with you Lot?! Get up and in the trukk! Can’t you see company’s coming? We got to go meet them and make sure dey know what’s wot!”

Dis planet just got a lot more intrestin’….

Categories: Fiction, Orks

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