The Kaptin (Part II): Rumlar Grimrekkah

The following report provides supplemental information on the Ork Freebooter known as Rumlar. Intelligence has determined Rumlar’s additional moniker or honorific is “Grimrekkah” of the Grimrekka Bad Moonz. Text follows…

+ + + + + + + + TRANSMITTED: Sculptor II / IVth Moon (Hegira)
+ + + + + + + + + + +RECEIVED: Imperial Astro Relay Epsilon 6A
+ + + + + + + + DESTINATION: Corvus, Sector Command
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + DATE: 3.035.735.40
+ + + + + + TELEPATHIC DUCT: Astropath Initiate Caleb Shabaughn
+ + + + + + + + ++ + + + + +REF: Grd/90840958940324333456/XR
+ + + + + + + + + + + +AUTHOR: LT. Marcus Villiers
+ + + + + + + + + + + SUBJECT: Ork Incursion, Iron Spires, Hegira
+ + + + + + + + + + +THOUGHT: “Study the Xeno, The better to Kill it”


A reconnaissance element of the Cadian 728th inserted by transport with a section of mortars in support. The mortars deployed to provide close support for the infantry squads inspecting ruins on the outskirts of the Iron Spires in an area with light vegetation. A lightly armed but fast-moving force of xenos contacted the squad and attacked. The Cadian leaders died heroically in the Cadian’s fierce counterattack of the aliens. Lt Demeterius O’Shea was posthumously awarded the emperor’s cross 4th class for his deeds.

///..>>>Classified comment: Due to the Cadian’s recent arrival the commanding officer felt it unwise to broadcast a defeat in the Cadian’s first engagement. The award for meritorious service was for the Lietenant’s good sense in getting himself killed. Following the award ceremony, a court martial was held and he was found guilty for dereliction of duty. Though the loss of life in the battle was regrettable, the loss of weapons and ammunition was intolerable. A summary posthumous execution followed immediately after the proceedings. >>end comment…\\\

Capture of the Xeno
Following the short engagement, an assessment team returned to the area. Though bodies had been stripped bare of all equipment several xeno corpses remained. Most had been severely lacerated and dismembered but one xeno corpse was relatively intact, its head lying nearby. The team transported the corpse, head laid in its hands, back to HQ for analysis and upon return found the xeno had re-attached the head by itself. The xeno was semi-conscious and was healing rapidly. Interrogation proved difficult however, as all its teeth had been removed but it identified itself as ‘thmorgra’th of the Grimrekkah Bad Moonz.

After much debate, we interpreted the name to be Smorgraz. ‘He’ had followed his Kaptin, Rumlar GrimRekkah, for many decades. Rumlar was a ship’s Kaptin aboard an Ork Kruizer in the fleet of GASHRAAK DA FLASH, but had fallen afoul of the warboss and was forced to flee, crash landing on Hegira three years ago. The occupants of the vessel were from several Clans, but Primarily Bad Moonz orks. With many leaders killed in the crash, there was much confusion and fighting between the factions. Rumlar has emerged on top and is reputed to be the largest of the Brutes on the planet. Many warband leaders have joined Rumlar, willingly or not, under the banner of the Jolly Ork, the Freebooterz moniker. There still seems to be unrest and many bosses and Nobz are acting independently of Rumlar’s authority. Should Rumlar further consolidate his power, and the number of orks directly under his banner grow, the Cadians will find their mission more difficult. Smorgraz claims that Rumlar already has 8,000 orks under his command and more join everyday. This number is most likely an exaggeration due to the creature’s confusion in trying to count with several fingers and toes missing.

Rumlar Grimrekkah is reputed to be an unusual specimen in Orkdom. He is fastidiously clean, and encourages his Boyz to remain ship-shape while they await a new vessel to crew. Attacks thus far seem well planned and coordinated to a far greater degree than would be expected of the orks. Further, Many of the humans in the captured areas have been spared and indeed are left to their own devices, as long as they pay their “taxes” and cause no mischief. If the promethium mines are still producing and the light industrial factories in the southern capital are being turned to war production, the future bodes ill for Hegira and the Sculptor system.

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