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Breakaway colonies brought to heel by Damocles Crusade

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As an Astartes warrior stands as a powerful example of Imperial authority, Tau sympathizers are impressed into a new penal battalion.

IMPERIAL VOXCAST (6 781 742.M41)—After two months of silence, a new communication from the Damocles Crusade Fleet brings glorious news of victory and retribution against the rebellious colonies of the Timbra Sub-sector.

Rebel forces on the Garrus Colony were overwhelmed within a week, according to a report by Admiral Jallaque, commander of the fleet. Two months later, the crusade fleet arrived above  the wayward Kleist Colony, whose leaders wisely submitted to Imperial authority without a fight.

“I am proud to report that the Timbra Sub-sector is now cleared of all xenos taint,” Jallaque announced. “Rather than confront our forces, all Tau military and civilian assets have fled Imperial space.”

Fighting on Garrus

After defeating Tau warships upon its arrival to the Garrus System, the crusade fleet spent a week securing the outer planets before entering orbit above the Tau-sympathizing colony of Garrus Prime.

There, the fleet came under fire from a defense orbital station, later determined to be a Tau construct operated by a heretical AI system. A three-hour firefight followed before the xeno station was destroyed.

An order for the immediate surrender of the colony was broadcast by General Wendall Gauge, commander-in-chief of the Imperial Guard regiments of the crusade. But when no reply was received within 30 minutes, elements of the Ultramarines, Black Templars, and Novamarines chapters of the Adeptus Astartes launched themselves at the largest cities of the planet.

“It was a bloodbath,”  according to Captain Jamol Wythe, public liaison for the Imperial Navy at the Nguyen Naval Base above Belliose III.

“The population of the Garrus Colony is only 30 million, and the Tau had withdrawn all forces before the fleet’s arrival,” he added. “Any military opposition against the crusade was pointless. Against the God-Emperor’s mighty Astartes, it was suicidal.”

Although several regiments of the Planetary Defense Force (PDF) attempted to oppose the Imperial landings, rebel forces quickly collapsed after the Space Marines slaughtered their first line of defense within an hour.

The planetary governor apparently took his own life, and the ruling elite of the planet quickly surrendered.

Imperial Justice

Although the Kleist Colony showed more sense when confronted with the might of the Damocles Crusade Fleet, the population of both worlds felt the wrath of the Imperium.

The ruling class of both planets have been executed, and suspected Tau sympathizers have been pressed into newly organized penal battalions that will fight for the crusade and earn redemption through their deaths on the battlefield, Wythe said.

Special teams of revisionist officials have searched homes and manufactorums, confiscating and destroying any xeno technology, propaganda, or other foreign taint from the colonies.

Meanwhile, hundreds of members of the Ecclesiarchy have spread across the colonies to renew the people’s faith in the Imperial Creed. On a nearly daily basis, citizens are ordered to come together in public spaces to listen to sermons and to pray for forgiveness for consorting with xenos.

“The Adeptus Ministorum reports great success in saving the souls of the wayward, and millions of colonists are begging forgiveness,” Wythe said. “It is clear that the vast majority of the population had no love of the xenos, but they still bear guilt for the sins of their leaders.”

Alas, he said, not everyone has eagerly sought redemption. Thousands of citizens have failed to exhibit proper contrition for their worlds’ sins, and they have been purged on whipping posts erected in every community.

Tau resist on Namatos

Only one small reverse has marred the otherwise total victory of the crusade, Wythe noted.

“On the colony world of Namatos, in the nearby Adega Sub-sector, a company of the Knights of Altair has encountered a sizable Tau military presence that has proven defiant.”

At last report, the Knights have engaged the Tau in two fierce battles, but the perfidious xenos have held their own.

“This is an unexpected turn of events, as the crusade fleet intends to cross the Damocles Gulf in the next month and invade the Tau home worlds,” Wythe said. “If the Knights are forced to remain on Namatos for much longer, they will be left behind—unable to participate in the glorious fighting that awaits the crusade on the other side of the Damocles Gulf.”

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