Rumors of the Underhive (3 101 743.M41)

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On the world of Ketera, Planetary Defense Force (PDF) troops and Administratum investigators arrive to search the Cethea Spaceport, where the city’s entire population disappeared without a trace.

Spaceport population disappears on Ketera

More than 10,000 Imperial citizens have disappeared from an isolated spaceport on the world of Ketera.

“After all communications was lost with the Cethea Spaceport in the Karakum Desert, a team of Adeptus Arbites was sent to investigate—and found the spaceport and its surrounding city intact but devoid of life,” said a local Administratum official.

Warhammer 40K blogAfter this discovery, teams of Arbites and scientific investigators went to the spaceport, supported by a full battalion of Planetary Defense Force (PDF) troops, and looked for answers to the population’s disappearance.

Yet answers have not been forthcoming. Although planetary officials have offered little information, rumors are spreading that there are no signs of violence, no bodies, and no damage to any building or structure in the area.

That’s only heightened speculation and fears over the mystery. A leading theory in taverns across the planet is that, given Ketera is at the edge of the Dryillian Quarantine Zone, the xeno race known as the Necrons are behind the population’s disappearance.

“It’s the robots,” said one laborer interviewed in the planet’s capital. “There are tales of other disappearances—like NuDawn.  The xenos are taking our people as slaves—or perhaps for some other horrible purpose. Where’s the Imperial Navy when we need them? Where are the Imperial Guard troops that can protect us?”

Warhammer 40K blog

The “Red Runnas” advance across the desert of Iconia. This ork warband’s ability to coordinate mechanized and air military assets has proven a tough challenge for the planet’s Planetary Defense Force (PDF).

Speed Freaks torment troops on Iconia

A warband of highly mechanized orks—calling themselves the “Red Runnas—are proving a challenge for Imperial defenders of the world of Iconia.

Since an ork Rok landed on the planet, the Planetary Defense Force (PDF) have been struggling to contain the xeno infestation—with some success.

But, according to Imperial officials, this particular ork mob relies almost exclusively on mechanized military assets— battlewagons, trukks, warbikes, and warbuggies—and, in a move that makes the mob more dangerous, the xenos coordinate their attacks with air assets, specifically Deff Koptas and Dakkajets.

“A sub-population of greenskins are enamored of speed—thus the troops call them “Speed Freaks,” said Senior General Donal Matthis of the Iconia PDF.

“But this warband is unique in that they’ve developed—likely by accident—a combat style that mimics the ground-air coordination that’s standard between PDF ground troops and our air support.”

 As an example, when the Red Runnas advanced on a small manufactorum on the planet’s southern hemisphere late last year, Imperial Command sent a slightly larger force of Imperial Guard to defend the facility.

Ork ground troops split into two columns and encircled the regiment, while Deff Koptas and Dakkajets pounded the Imperial defenses. The entire command was wiped out.

“This military force is a top priority for destruction,” Matthis said. “We cannot risk the orks breaking out of the containment zone we’ve created.”

Warhammer 40K blog

A squad of Enforcers patrol the narrow confines of the underhive of Golgenna. These patrols are increasing;ly dangerous as rumors of an upcoming mutant pogrom has sparked a score of ambushes by angry inhabitants of the hive city’s lower levels.

Rumors of pogrom destabilize Morkai

Rumors are spreading across the desert world of Morkai that planetary officials are preparing a pogrom against the planet’s growing and increasingly restless mutant population.

Fabius Nemetorius, grand elector of the planet’s ruling council, strenuously denies any such plan exists. He blamed mutant rebels of the ruined city of Ungolath, followers of the mysterious Haruspex, for spreading rumors to stir up law-abiding mutants.

“The Grant Council of Electors remembers the disastrous consequences of the program of Ungolath in M39,” Nemetorius said. “The city was destroyed by anarchy, and millions died.”

“I urge all citizens to reject such madness. Violence will be met sternly. The government is interested only in ensuring that our planetary tithes are met, and that the populace is provided with sufficient  food, shelter, and safety to perform their duties to the Emperor.”

Despite such reassurances, there are reports that Enforcer patrols are increasingly clashing with mutants in the shanty towns and underhives of many cities. The incidents have become so serious that authorities have implemented security protocols restricting citizen movement—a policy that mutant leaders argue is disproportionately targeted at non-standard-genetic citizens.

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