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Tallarn reinforcements arrive on Hegira

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A Tallarn tank crew bails out of their Hellhound during the Tau raid on Druidia.

IMPERIAL BROADCAST: Imperial drop ships have been landing at the Palatine Space Port on Hegira in recent days, disembarking thousands of Tallarn infantry, walkers, tanks, and fighter aircraft.

Warhammer 40K blogThe new troops comprise the 3rd Battalion of the 002nd Regiment, which until recently was involved in the Imperial campaign in the Palmara Tertiary. The battalion was redeployed to Hegira 18 months ago but found its journey to the Corvus Cluster slowed when its transport was becalmed in the Warp.

The commander of the 3rd Battalion is Major Barim Davide, a highly decorated officer who rose through the ranks. He is reported to have a keen tactical mind.

Warhammer 40K blog

The latest Tallarn reinforcements, fresh off the paint table, to join our ongoing adventures in the Corvus Cluster.

The battalion remains understrength after a lengthy battle on the world of Herenae, a desert planet plagued by an ork infestation. During a 12-month extermination effort, the battalion was involved in some of the campaign’s heaviest fighting, and its contingent of Sentinels and lizard-riding Rough Riders suffered serious casualties.

Despite its losses, the battalion is expected to handle reconnaissance and flanking duties for the regiment. The unit’s Rough Riders likely will see particularly heavy use, relying on its Lacert mounts, a vicious lizard species that towers three meters tall and bears 10-centimeter-long, razor-sharp claws and teeth.

Warhammer 40K blog

The Tallarn form a firing line in the deserts of Hegira.

The arrival of new Imperial reinforcements is a significant development in the ongoing battle against the ork invaders that have plagued the industrial moon of Hegira (Sculptor IId) for  five years.

With the repulse of an Imperial attack in the Sea of Dust recently, there are rumors that the Tallarn 002nd Regiment will help spearhead a new offensive designed to retake Hegira’s southern continent from the xenos.

TheGMAs it happens, the Tallarn reinforcements include 24 recently painted metal infantry figures, plus three stands of heavy bolter teams. That builds up my Tallarn forces to 3 x 10-man infantry squads, 1 x heavy weapons squad, and 1 x 5-man command squad.

I’ve just completed a Forge World Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter, and I’ve two Taurox transports that are lined up to add to the Tallarn fighting force. I’m also eyeing the purchase of some Cold Ones from the Age of Sigmar to create my lizard-riding Rough Riders.

Click here to see more of the 40K artwork of Henskelion at DeviantArt.com.

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  1. Wow GM you have so many figures how do you find the time to paint them all. I like the paint job on your figures. You must have an incredible number of unpainted figures that you have collected. Could that be what is supporting the foundation of your house. The report is great as usual. Go ahead and beat up on the Ork infestation.


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