Tau fail to break Dar Sai blockade (Part 1)

  IMPERIAL NEWS SERVICE (3 820 737.M41)—A fleet of Tau warships today launched an attack against Imperial naval forces near the moon of Dar Sai, military authorities have announced. Fleet Corvus, under the command of Commodore Gadea Hennard, already is claiming that two xeno vessels have been destroyed […]

Painting a bounty hunter

I have no idea where I acquired the figure for Jason Scarn, my new bounty hunter and Inquisition “recruit,” but when I found him in my bitz box, I immediately put him on my painting table. The figure clearly is old … I suspect I picked him up […]

Bounty Hunter Jason Scarn

Jason Scarn is a brutish, cold-hearted, but talented bounty hunter who has lately come to the attention of the Inquisition. Born on the planet Toroth in 701.M41, Scarn grew up in the shanties that perched precariously on the slag piles that surrounded Manufactorum #823, a pollution-spewing factory complex […]