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3-D star chart of the Corvus Cluster

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The two-dimensional campaign map (see below) is perfectly acceptable for visualizing the geography of the Corvus Cluster. But it is somewhat misleading. For example, the Brimlock and Petronuis systems appear practically neighbors on the campaign map, yet if you consider their “vertical” positioning—their position in relationship to the galactic plane, they are actually much farther apart. (See chart above.)

To help clarify the vertical distances among worlds, I’ve designed this three-dimensional star char. Hopefully it clarifies the vertical differentiation among the known star systems of the region.

Warhammer 40K blog

Click on map for larger image.

Look at Brimlock. Where the dashed line ends on the top ring of the map is the world’s position along the horizontal plane of the galaxy—or its position on the campaign map. The length of the dashed line—and the yellow dot—indicates the world’s position along the vertical plane.

If you notice nearby Petronius, it’s dashed line on the top ring is very close to that of Brimlock. But if you follow the dashed line down the vertical plane, you’ll see the system is actually “below” the middle ring. In actuality, the distance between Brimlock and Petronius is greater once the vertical distance is taken into account.

At the same time,  Belliose appears to be located in the middle of the horizontal plane of this region of the galaxy (where its dashed line intersects the top ring). Following the dashed line to the system, however, makes clear Belliose also is located near the center of the vertical plane, as well. (There’s a reason it’s the site of a major naval base.)

An important caveat: Neither of these campaign maps claims to provide a detailed geography of the entire Corvus Cluster. Taking a page out of Games Workshop’s thinking, it’s best not to lock down all the details of a fictional universe. This gives you flexibility to tweak things. Additional worlds are likely to appear. It might be nice if their location isn’t specified, so that—if events warrant—there’s some flexibility for the campaign to determine where a new world actually is.

Thus, for example, the location of Helios—and the nearby asteroid home base of the Knights of Altair—is not disclosed. They are, after all, a closely held secret of the Imperium, and there’s no reason to lock things down right now. Who knows? Maybe the Tyranids will show up at some point, and if that happens, do we want Helios in the xenos’ path? Or will it be better to keep it out of harm’s way?

Only time will tell.

But I hope the 3-D chart is of some use to visitors who are trying to make sense of our rapidly growing and increasingly complex corner of the 40K universe.

— TheGM

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  1. Just realised you’re our neighbours. Brimlock is on the far right of our map. But our galactic core arrow is more up. So we are next door and pivoted around about 45 degrees. Also cut off by the Hadron expanse currently. But you never know we may one day invade 🙂


    • Well, hello neighbor!

      If you’re ever interested in some inter-campaign shenanigans, let me know (email: I had a few blogs that tied to happenings in the Assault on Yaisdra IX campaign in the UK, but alas that campaign went inactive a while ago. But for a time, we were having a bit of fun with characters and events crossing over a bit.

      Love your campaign. Keep going!



  2. Thanks! Well the new campaign story is about to kick off. We are separated by the Hadron Expanse. A new area of exploration on the Far East of the Aleph sector. We will be doing an exploration campaign in that direction. But I’ll reference that the Corvus cluster is to the right and top.

    As for linking that would be fun. I think we are separated by a void And various warp storms. Also our campaign is set now at the dawn of M42, so I think you might be in the past. Not that that has stopped us before, time loops back to the heresy period have even happened! Look out on our blog for new info!


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