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Progress finally seen in sci-fi desert terrain

It was July when I wrote my rant—a whining about my frustration with making desert terrain. But my vexation finally is subsiding. Progress has been made. The breakthrough came when, after innumerable experiments with color schemes, I finally decided upon the colors I would use for my desert […]

Warhammer 40K blog

Terrain: Desert Tank Traps

I finally have finished a pair of tank traps to serve on the battlefields of the desert worlds of the Corvus Cluster. I first referenced my efforts on this terrain project in an earlier rant, “A story of frustration: Making desert terrain.” In that blog, I complained that […]

A story of frustration: Making desert terrain

TheGM: Most blogs about terrain-building are how-to articles . . . or visual celebrations of a hobbyist finishing a terrain project. Not this time. My story is about frustration—and no small number of setbacks. Much of the fault lies with myself. I am overly ambitious at times, and […]