The Great 40k Terrain Challenge 6: Toxic Pools

Moving forward with the next terrain challenge! A small pool of eldritch goo, industrial effluent, or ectoplasmic slime.

Using some bits lying around, we decided to make a quick natural pool. Main bits are a cork trivet and wood chips. We’ll also add sand and flock. For the water we used Woodland Scenic’s water effect resin.


Actually, we started this piece some time ago and as, we were cleaning out a cabinet, it surfaced again, so we decided to finish it.

So here it is!


There really wasn’t anything to it. Just carved out a shallow depression in the center, glued on the woodchips and sand. Put on our usual paint scheme and added a little water effect resin and a skeleton. So easy, it only took about <ahem> three or four years to complete.

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