The Great 40k Terrain Challenge 8: An Orky Aegis Line

We have a fair bit of terrain to hide behind and some nice buildings and industrial pieces. However, neither TheGM nor I have gotten around to building an Aegis Line. It’s pretty unsatisfying to have a nice table set up and then have to look at a bunch of random bits that “counts as” an Aegis Line.

So we looked up the measurements and the lads at the Bell of Lost Souls forum had a thread started on the subject. (See BOLS Aegis defense measurements.)

  • The long wall piece is 5-3/16 inches, or about 13cm, in length. (x 4)
  • The short piece is 1-15/16, or about 5cm, in length.(x 4)
  • At the tallest, they’re 1-9/16, or 4cm in height.

So! Translating the above it would be 4 pieces @ 5 1/4″  and  4 pieces @ 2″.

We also took a look at the Forge World barricades for inspiration and compatibility size wise. We have lots of bits and pieces around so this should be a pretty easy build.


Barricade set made from resin by Kromlech.

Shown above is a pretty good set from Kromlech available at a reasonable price and saving on that most precious of commodities, TIME. But we’ll make a set from scratch anyway. The biggest hurdle is getting started.

Here is a nice video to get some ideas on various ways of doing walls and barricades:

So, let’s gather some materials, shall we?



We’ll start with some foam board instead of our usual MDF. I’ve not used foam core board for basing before, so this will be a good experiment. We’ve cut out some shapes roughly about the right size.




Peeling the top of the foamcore board.

We peeled the paper off the top and put a layer of white glue on the bottom to provide some stiffness. When we glue the top, it should help prevent curling/warping.






Wood coffee stirrer and some Hirst Bloks.

Once the bottom was dry, we glued a coffee stirrer long-ways with a Hirst Bloks casting to give it a little weight.

Then each night, we added a few bits until we got a good looking barricade.


Adding bits and pieces.


Just about done.


Spray painted black and dry brushed with metallic paint. Then detailed and washed with agrax earth shade and brown paint to mess it up a bit.



























Imperial Guard makes use of some abandoned ork positions.

Worked out much better than expected. When we get a chance we’ll make an imperial line.

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