The Great 40k Terrain Challenge 7: Numinous Occulum

The GM had built up quite a few gothic style ruins by way of GW and Pegasus kits. I’d like a different look for my table, so decided to go with the Age of Sigmar and Lord of the Rings kits to get started.


Before we got too far into putting together the Numinous Occulum, we watched a video to get an idea of any tricky parts. These guys did a pretty good, entertaining video.


After taking the pieces off the sprue we cleaned off the mould lines and flashing.


It’s important to dry-fit this kit before gluing so you can see where the gaps will be noticeable. The video mentioned that the casting is not exact and there will be gaps in the globe and the walls.

We opted to glue the floor of the structure before the adding the top bits of the globe. We also dry-fitted the walls together first, to get an idea of how big the gaps would be because in the video they were quite large.


We put all the floors and walls together before finishing the globe. Before the glue fully dried, we secured the piece with rubber bands (not too tight) and pushed the pieces around until the gaps were minimal. Once it was all set, we let it dry for a few hours.




Biting the bullet, we bought our first can of GW Citadel spray paint. We usually just use Rustoleum x 2 paint-prime. It has a very good spray mechanism that doesn’t foul, and if it does foul, it’s easy to clean. We used Zandry Dust (Khaki) for the base, and Ushanti Bone (Cream) layer for a dry brush/glaze. Agrax Earth Shade wash was used in some areas to provide more depth and aging.

And here we are:



I think it came out rather well. Keep an eye out for it on the table in upcoming games.


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