Kossogtha Campaign

Cultists seek secrets to Kossogtha’s return – Part 2

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An artist’s rendition of bullgrn Trog clearing a path for the Enforcers’ retreat from the underhive chamber.



“Praise the Emperor! The Emperor’s word is the Law, and the Arbites are the voice by which that word is spoken!”—quote attributed to unidentified Arbites Enforcer

* * *

Continued from Part 1 . . .

Chaos Spawn

On the command platform, Gallas pulled himself to his feet, just in time to throw himself to his side as a cultist fired an autogun in his direction. The acolyte rolled into a combat crouch, raised his lasgun, and put a plasma round into the heretic’s chest.

Gallas saw a second cultist, but his man was running into cover behind some barrels. A moment later, a flesh-covered monstrosity clambered onto the platform, and the acolyte forgot all about the man. He was alone facing a spawn of Chaos. A warp-tainted monster. Death incarnate.

Despite the fear that threatened to choke him, years of psycho-training took hold, and Gallas began firing. He targeted the creature’s single, oversized eye—almost certainly the most vulnerable part of the monster.

He didn’t hit it. As the creature raised itself up and charge, Gallus fired four shots at the eye. Yet, no doubt due to some twisting of reality around the warp-tainted creature, each lasgun round seemed to turn aside, striking the creature and injuring its flesh yet never striking the eye itself.

Gallus dropped the gun and pulled out his power sword. He didn’t try to meet the massive creature head on; he would have been overwhelmed by the spawn’s mass. Instead, as the creature striked, he sidestepped and stabbed at the creature’s mid-section.

It was like stabbing at plasteel. The tip of his sword, wreathed in electromagnetic energy, penetrated slightly but was ripped free as the creature swung a tentacle to knock the weapon aside.

Gallus grimly realized that his death might be at hand.

Battle of Titans

“Protect man! Keep him alive!”

The Bullgryn known as Trog had one of the lowest intelligence scores of any bullgryn serving in Arbites Precinct House 13. But his loyalty and devotion to duty were second to none.

He had been ordered to protect the Inquisitorial agent, and seeing the man under attack by a mutated monstrosity, he felt a surge of outrage.

“No!” Trog roared and charged into the spawn.

The Spawn turned to meet the giant abhuman, and the  two massive ceratures tore into each other. Without his slab shield, it’s possible the bullgryn would have died a quick death from the spiky tentacles of the spawn. But Trog somehow managed to maneuver the shield to block the quick-moving  creature’s blows while swinging his own power baton at the beast’s head.

The two giants bashed and slashed at each other, shoving and pummeling one another, as they fought, and Gallus and remaining cultist were forced to scrabble out of the way or risk being crushed.

Finally, Trog managed to bring down his baton onto the eye of the spawn, rupturing it and causing the monster to scream an unearthly sound. It staggered back, and Trog brought down his baton again, caving in the creature’s skull. It fell.

Gallas looked at the defeated monster, then turned to the cultist. The cultist looked back. Both men raised their weapons. Gallus fired first.

Warhammer 40K blog

After the Chaos Spawn was killed and thrown off the command platform, Arbites Enforcers and Throg still had to deal with cultists reinforcements seeking control of the area.


The bullets flew by Maug Ra’s head. Three Enforcers were advancing, slab shields in front of them, while three of their comrades followed on their heels, firing shotguns over the helmets of the men in front of them.

Three of Nurgle’s followers already lay dead at his feet, but the cultist leader ordered more of his men forward.  Thee cultists would trade their lives for time. The data crystal Maug Ra had installed in the input station was nearly finished downloading the data within and, once complete, he could retreat with the information his masters needed.

The new wave of cultists raced forward, half of them downed by a volley of shotguns, but the rest plowed into the Enforcer’s shield wall, desperately seeking to break through and strike at the officers. Shotguns fired, and power batons slammed down on skulls. The cultist attack wavered.

No matter, Maug Ra thought. On the far side of the chamber, Thaetos had downloaded part of the data needed. And, with a chirp, the data crystal in front of Maug Ra signaled its download also was completed.

Pulling out the data crystal, Maug Ra began to run back into the shadows. He did not order his men to follow. Let them continue the fight. If they won, all the better. If they died, he would be too far for the Enforces to give chase.

Victory belonged to Nurgle.

Warhammer 40K blog

Inquisitorial agent Konrad Gallus makes a desperate charge against a firing line of cultists.

Accepting defeat

With the command platform seized, Gallus was able to download some of the data that the culstist sought. But then his earpiece chirped, and he heard to voice of the Enforcer captain–clam and professional–declare that the cultists had the tactical advantage. Too many of his Enforcers were down, and the presence of a psyker had spooked his men  n the left flank–they were fleeing.

“Cowardice is unacceptable,” Gallus said in a threatening tone.

“I concur,” the arbitrator answered. “And sanctions will be put in place. But, right now, my lord, your safety is not guaranteed. Fall back to the entrance where he entered. My men will maintain a firing line until you’re safe. but then we must withdraw.”

Gallus controlled his anger. The cultists had arrived with more force than anticipated. To work in the Inquisition is to understand the fickle nature of the universe.

“Understood. Am withdrawing.”

Gallus put his data crystal into his pocket, then turned to the Bullgryn. The giant abhuman was bleeding form a dozen wounds, but he looked at the inquisition agent as a pet would  look at its master. Waiting, Seeking approval.

“You did well, Trog. Good Trog. We leave now.”

The abhuman smiled with a stupid look of gratitude. “Protect man. Keep him safe.”

There was nothing more to say. Gallus turned and headed to the ladder that would take him to safety. Trog followed, his huge boots stomping behind.

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