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Cultists seize first fragment to free Kossogtha – Part 1

“Things are very seldom what they seem. In my experience, they’re usually a damn sight worse.”—Inquisitor Titus Drake * * * Journal Entry6 275 743.M41Acolyte Konrad GallasOrdo Hereticus I have arrived on the world of Regno Borealis, a feudal world that, until recently, was isolated from the Imperium […]


Inquisitor Dark Tide

  The Inquisition will find the Imperium’s Foes. They need but ask the right questions . . . Incident Report: On the world of [REDACTED], Inquisitor [REDACTED] reports that the presence of a serious threat to Imperial rule. It appears that [REDACTED] are engaged in a vast conspiracy […]

Inquisitor Vaarak

As with nearly all members of the Inquisition, the early history of Inquisitor Elam Vaarak is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that his early education was acquired while a student of the Schola Progenium,the Imperial institution responsible for the upbringing, education, and training of orphans, predominantly those […]

Perdide Colony wiped out by Necrons

Subject: Xeno Raid X34-12Author: Her Ladyship Georgene Serillian, Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos Location: Perdide Colony, 12.7 light years within Dryillian Quarantine Zone Thought for the Day: Purge the taint wherever it is to be found. 6 555 742.M41—We have arrived at Perdide. Approbator Adonai Drusus and a team of […]

Dark Mechanicum seizes Mechanicus vessel

“The path of the Omnissiah has left humanity dithering in the darkness, incapable of advancing on the paths of knowledge. Embracing the warp reveals technology that the primitives on Mars could never dream of wielding.“— Magos Caine of the Five-Fold Path, heretek of the Dark Mechanicum * * […]

Imperium planning attack on Tau Empire

+ + + INQUISITORIAL MISSIVE + + + Author: Her Ladyship Georgene Serillian, Ordo Xenos Strategic Update: Response to Tau Threat Threat Level: Sigmus Prime Thought of the Day: Death to the Xeno Inquisitorial Warning: Access to this information is limited to Imperial officials with a Beta Primus […]