Tag: Battle Report (Narrative)

New ork attack stopped in Achaeon Suburbs

“Why did we survive the battle? Because orks can’t get it in their heads that, in urban warfare, you need explosives. If a guardsmen sets a bomb next to a door and wall, he creates an undefended entrance (everyone on the other side is likely dead or dying). […]

Astartes retake mining station – Part 1

“Mayday! Mayday! Decora Mining Base reporting ork ships attacking. Main gun battery is inactive, and boarding torpedoes are approaching. Assistance is needed immediately.”—distress signal received by Imperial authorities Sculptor SystemImperial Voxcast (3 121 743.M41) One week after an ork boarding party seized the Decora Mining Base in the […]

Astartes retake mining station – Part 2

“Orks are a menace. They’re a cancer. Once they enter into a star system, they spread across planets, lurk in asteroid fields, propagate in dank caves and dark forests. They’re almost impossible to stamp out. They’re vermin—three-meter-tall, heavily muscled, insanely violent and dangerous vermin . . . and […]

Food riots break out on Morkai

IMPERIAL VOXCAST (6 015 743.M41)—Food riots broke out in the suburbs of Volantis today after one of the city’s food-processing centers was damaged by an insurgent’s bomb. The Third Quadrant of the outer ring of surface dwellings that surround the Volantis hive city is aflame, as rioters have […]