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Cultists seize first fragment to free Kossogtha – Part 1

“Things are very seldom what they seem. In my experience, they’re usually a damn sight worse.”—Inquisitor Titus Drake * * * Journal Entry6 275 743.M41Acolyte Konrad GallasOrdo Hereticus I have arrived on the world of Regno Borealis, a feudal world that, until recently, was isolated from the Imperium […]

Space Marines storm Tau-held town

“The bitterness of defeat is almost too great to bear. The shame of it gnaws at my soul. I have failed my warriors, yet somehow I must lead them forward. Duty onto death.”—private thoughts of Captain Martel Vivant, commander, 5th Company, Knights of Altair Space Marine Chapter * […]

Astartes retake mining station – Part 1

“Mayday! Mayday! Decora Mining Base reporting ork ships attacking. Main gun battery is inactive, and boarding torpedoes are approaching. Assistance is needed immediately.”—distress signal received by Imperial authorities Sculptor SystemImperial Voxcast (3 121 743.M41) One week after an ork boarding party seized the Decora Mining Base in the […]

Astartes retake mining station – Part 2

“Orks are a menace. They’re a cancer. Once they enter into a star system, they spread across planets, lurk in asteroid fields, propagate in dank caves and dark forests. They’re almost impossible to stamp out. They’re vermin—three-meter-tall, heavily muscled, insanely violent and dangerous vermin . . . and […]