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A Strategic Update (Events of 738.M41) – Part 2

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A Thunderhawk of the Raven Guard sits on a landing pad aboard a Battle Barge orbiting Tallos VI. The Battle Barge must be ancient, as the original legion designation (XIX) can still be seen on the hanger deck.

Necron activity increases in Dryilian Quarantine Zone

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Necron constructs burst from beneath the surface of Myopolis.

On 6 450 738.M41, the Imperial warship, Litany of Hate, is patrolling the edge of the newly quarantined zone encompassing the Dryilian shipping lanes. Sensors detect an unidentified vessel shadowing the warship. The ship cannot be identified (at this time, knowledge of the Necrons are known only to the Inquisition and senior military leaders). After 37 minutes, the vessel changes course and breaks off contact. (Necron ship sighted in Dryilian Quarantine Zone)

According to widespread rumors—not confirmed by Imperial authorities—this same species seizes several worlds near the Dyrilian System, which to some citizens explains the Imperial edict quarantining that region of space.  (Wars raging across the Corvus Cluster)

Yet, worlds outside the quarantine zone also are under threat. On the Adeptus Mechanicus-ruled world of Myopolis, a small Necron army has appeared on the planet (perhaps from beneath the planet’s surface) to threaten Imperial control. At last report, local Skitarri forces were containing the threat. (Wars are raging across the Corvus Cluster)

Plague and war sweeps across Dozaria

Warhammer 40K blog

Plague Marines have reportedly returned to the plague-infested world of Dozaria.

Months after declaring victory over the Kassig Plague and subsequent civil unrest, the world of Dozaria reports that another Warp-tainted pandemic has erupted—and the planet’s skies are again swarming with dreaded Rot Flies.

The first documented reports of the plague—and a Chaos invasion—are horrifying: Mid-year, words spread throughout the Corvus Cluster that the Death Guard—traitorous and plague-tainted Astartes—has entered the devastated city of Lankmar to torment, torture, and murder any Imperial citizens still trapped in the city. (Rumor of the Underhive – 3 567 738.M41)

Imperial censors manage to squash reports of the overall strategic situation, which are grim as Chaos forces slowly advance across the planet. Only a few, select reports of victories are allowed public acknowledgement. For example, Imperial authorities make great efforts to report of a patrol of Death Guard, stranded by a immobilized Rhino in a deserted village, being attacked and routed by a squad of Space Wolves. (Space Wolves defeat Death Guard on Dozaria)

Another reported victory involves the Tallarn 73rd Regiment, which is tasked with recovering the wreckage of a crashed spy satellite in Dozaria’s Tylar Desert. Despite an attack led by the Death Guard, and supported by disease-stricken cultists, the Tallarn win the race for the wreckage, extract its data packet, and conduct a skillful fighting withdrawal with their prize. (Tallarn recover key technology from Death Guard)

At the end of the year, despite clashing with a powerful Chaos sorcerer who almost single-handedly wins the battle, the Knights of Altair prove triumphant in a fight for control of a small refinery complex. (Knights of Altair seize refinery on Dozaria)

Imperium regains contact with lost Imperial worlds

Under the command of Rogue Trader Maximo Florton, the frigate, Lady Bright, discovers a stable route through the Warp to the long-isolated Varrenshall Sector. Also known as the “Burning Frontier,” due to its proximity to the Heart of Darkness, a violent Warp storm, this sector is found to be under siege from orks, the Dark Mechanicum, and traitor Astartes known as the Night Lords. (The Burning Frontier: Setting the Stage)

The Imperium quickly responds with the Mograin Crusade, a military expedition led by the Vorpal Swords Space Marine Chapter to retake the Burning Frontier from both xenos and heretics. The Vorpal Swords make their way to the long-lost sector and establish a base of operations on a world known as Port Halborg. (Vorpal Swords establish base in Burning Frontier)

Other worlds under attack

The only reason Anvillus has not fallen to the ork invasion is its sizable deployment of Titans and Imperial Knights.

AL’GEL II—After a major ork attack the previous year, the Tau invasion on Al’gel II stalls. Seeking to regain the initiative, the Tau build up their forces and launch a limited offensive designed to push the greenskins back. The attack is successful, but as the Tau know, they are trapped in a war of attrition that will be costly. There is no clear victory in sight. (Tau firing line slaughters orks on Al’gel II)

ANVILLUS—A forge world, known for its production of Warlord Battle Titans of the Mars-Alpha Pattern, is invaded by WAAAGH! ‘Eadcruncha. This unanticipated war with the orks results in the cessation of munitions and weaponry to the region’s multiple war zones, as the forge world is forced to reallocate all war production to its own defense. (Wars are raging across the Corvus Cluster)

DRUIDIA—The moon of Druidia in the Sculptor System is the target of a cowardly attack by Tau military forces. The xenos eventually are driven off the arid satellite of Sculptor III by the moon’s Planetary Defense Force (PDF). (Tau raid moon of Druidia – Sculptor IIIa)

MORKAI—Mutants engage in a military campaign of terrorism and raids. When the mutants seize the sole caravan route linking the hive city of Totallia with the rest of the planet, the first major military action in decades takes place. Supported by Skitarri and Sentinels, an entire company of Home Guard of House Fenris, the ruling family of Charcharoth, take to the field. The mutants are quickly driven off. (Mutants defeated on Morkai)

TRANTOR VI—This industrial planet, seduced by Tau water caste emissaries, rebels against the Imperium. Loyalist troops manage to hold two hive cities, and they eventually are reinforced by the Raven Guard’s 3rd Company. (Wars are raging across the Corvus Cluster)

Inquisition activity increases with xeno threats

Lady Serillian stands triumpant as she looks down on her new prisoner.

Needing skilled personnel, the Inquisition blackmails bounty hunter Jason Scarn. Threatened with arrest for multiple violations of Imperial law, Scarn is coerced into accepting a mission to the plague-wracked world of Dozaria to rescue an important Runepriest of the Adeptus Mechanicus. (Underhive fight: A Jason Scarn Adventure)

Even her Lordship, Inquisitor Georgene Serillian, of the Ordo Xenos is forced to take to the field. She leads a team into ork-held territory on Hegira to assassinate a Mekboy who is vital to the manufacturing output of ork vehicles. The mission is successful. (Inquisition targets Mek outside Barad Mine)

Untold light years away, Lord Inquisitor Threnton joins the Mograin Crusade in the Burning Frontier. There, he uses a cadre of assassins to perform reconnaissance and assassination missions against rampaging orks and the traitors Astartes known as the Night Lords. (Inquisition learns of the Night Lords’ activities)

Near the end of the year, Lady Serillian returns to Hegira. She leads a team to capture a lieutenant to the ork warlord, Rumlar,, and disrupt attempts to recruit feral orks on Hegira to fight in Rumlar’s army. (Inquisition captures ork warlord on Hegira)

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