Half a million words tell the story of the Corvus Cluster

Half a million words. That’s equivalent to nearly 10 of the old-style “Doc Savage” paperbacks of my youth. It’s  a lot of words. Yet that’s how many we’ve written about our incredible adventures in the Corvus Cluster. As this is quite a milestone for our little band of […]

Ork fleet attempts to blockade Hegira

Imperial Voxcast (3 833 741.M41)—For a few hours today, an ork fleet of more than a dozen warships attempted to blockade the moon of Hegira. The xenos failed. The arrival of Imperial warships drove them away. But the bold greenskin naval action resulted in a 20-hour interruption in […]

Orks advance in Sea of Dust

IMPERIAL VOXCAST—A sizable force of orks has has broken through the imperial defenses in Hegira’s Sea of Dust. On 3 825 741.M41, a xeno mechanized force estimated at 30,000 stormed the defenses of the 77th Hegira PDF Regiment, which was deployed at an oasis in the southeast corner […]