Hegira Campaign

Skitarii clash with Blood Wolves on Hegira – Part 3

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The initial ambush by the Skitarii was highly successful, bringing down two traitor Astartes. But the other two reacted quickly and engaged the Skitarii in a deadly firefight.

Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow.“—unknown source, c. M2

* * *

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The Terminator-clad Blood Wolf showed nothing but scorn for the Skitarii, ignoring their accurate fire as if it was no more dangerous than a rare desert rainstorm.

Is there any chance of eliminating the enemy threat without significant reinforcements, Alpha 239-A wondered.

Two Rangers were down, and the accuracy of traitor fire was defying statistical probabilities.

What’s more, the Terminator-armored traitor was ignoring the fire of his team. Instead, he stomped up to the water-filtration device, tore it from its foundation, and turned and walked away as if the Skitarii fire was did not exist.

The Skitarii leader hurriedly reviewed more than 1.3 million tactical solutions to the situation he faced, but it took only 2.33 seconds to come to a conclusion. There was no statistically likely outcome that would stop the traitors from withdrawing—or attacking and wiping out his command.

Neither option would serve the Omnissiah, so secondary priorities came into play. He transmitted an order for a new overhead drone to track the traitors’ movements, then gave his warriors their new instructions.

< Withdrawal Protocal Beta-Delta-One is in effect. Cease fire. Fall back to Grid 732-B-12. >

The Skitarii leader turned and headed down an alley, careful to avoid exposing himself to the boltgun fire that the Astartes continued to pour on his position.

* * *

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* * *

Warhammer 40K blog

The Skitarii were particularly astute in using terrain to protect themselves from enemy fire. Yet, it went for naught. As their casualties mounted, the Mechanicus troops realized they were outmatched.

TheGM: This battle is a prime example of how a narrative campaign takes on a life of its own.

When I sat down with The Gaffer to fight this skirmish action, I assumed the Blood Wolves were conducting a raid on the twilight world of Volana, where at least some Blood Wolves are still active. (I think they probably got left behind during a raid because their shuttle was destroyed in the fighting, or they were abandoned by their so-called “brothers.”)

But The Gaffer said, “No, this is Hegira. I figure they came through that Warp portal near the Barad Mine.”

Well, I wasn’t so sure I liked the idea. But, then again, I’m not the brains behind the Blood Wolves. These troops belong to The Gaffer, so it’s from his traitorous mind that the Blood Wolves diabolic schemes come from.

And, well, why not let them raid Hegira? Although I’m skeptical of campaigns where a whole bunch of factions fight it out on the same battlefield (most wars involve only two sides), I’m not the final word on what happens in our campaign.

So, we have a new wrinkle in the Hegira Campaign. It’s not a big deal. There are millions of humans and orks fighting it out on the planet, so a few traitor Astartes are unlikely to make a big splash. 

Then again, since Astartes have been known to wipe out entire planets, I shouldn’t assume anything.  The Blood Wolves may have something nasty planned. I guess we’ll find out.

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